Endgadget: Nintendo Virtual Boy review

The Virtual Boy is a bit of an odd bird, a fact immediately apparent as soon as it springs from its garishly colored box, cardboard that is perhaps compensating for what's to come. We've unboxed a number of classic consoles in our time, but none have looked quite like this. The system apes the design of the virtual reality headsets that were all the rage in the mid-'90s, but once you mount the thing onto its two-legged stand any aspirations of a truly immersive experience are obviously out the window. Any notions of shame will follow as soon as you stick your face in the thing.

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Baka-akaB2771d ago

-10/20 for being cumbersome ...

-100% for being such an health hazard

darthv722771d ago

just because it looks cool. Gunpei Yokoi never got to redeem himself for this.

thebudgetgamer2771d ago

virtual boy, the opti-grab of video games.

darthv722771d ago

for "the jerk" reference. lol

hands down my favorite steve martin film of all time.

"I'm picking out a thermos today......"

thebudgetgamer2771d ago

i don't need anything, accept this lamp.

darthv722771d ago

Lord loves a working man
Dont trust whitey
See a doctor and get rid of it.

barb_wire2771d ago

I remember when these came out, the mags were going nuts over it - calling it a game changer and everything.. I finally got to use one about a week after they came out.. I've never had a headache like the one I got from using this, it was terrible - after 5mins my eyes were watering from the strain on them, after 10 - I was done and out, my head hurt for 2 days even after taking painkillers.

Two weeks after I tested it, the stores around by me started to "sell" these for $30 - I almost bought it - just for the novelty but I just couldn't do it.

You'd never think that the guy who created the Game Boy created this abomination too..

Masterchef20072771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I am guessing that they did this review just now because of the 3DS. Maybe its a way of showing that the 3DS will not become the next virtual boy just because it has 3d.

LOL the controller is terrible. It reminds me of a space invader in some ways. Well at least it isnt as bad as the N64 one now that controller was just a disaster.

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