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Dart892795d ago

Yes can't wait i finally convinced my bro to get his ps3 version so now i can own him badly xDDD.

Glad to see MK back to what made it what it is today.

tehpees32795d ago

OMG Kratos will own! Scorpion prepare to meet the God of war.

Fits in this way more than Soul Calibur. This will be awesome

BubbleSniper2795d ago



jizzzzzz in my pantZ

Active Reload2795d ago

Kratos is powered by...Unreal!

Boody-Bandit2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

"Coward! I am through doing the bidding of the gods, come down and face me right now."

I can't wait to rip some heads off with Kratos.

miyamoto2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Kombat Kratos will Kill with Skill!

Its his destiny to be killing in this game. Its tailor made for him.

The x=ray visual effects are inspired by the movie The Three Kings, from the director of Uncharted the Movie.

Active Reload2794d ago

This game is using UE3 technology.

jjohan352794d ago

Wow they made Kratos pretty true to the GoW series. I just hope he's not overpowered. It would kill the chances of MK9 being taken seriously at fighting game tournaments.

Rocket Sauce2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I think the x-ray moves are an homage to the Sonny Chiba movie "The Street Fighter" - no relation to the game.

See for yourself at 1:43 in the video...

DORMIN2794d ago


Zydake2794d ago

Uh for some reason while watching that I sang like the opera people in the GoW theme

jjohan352794d ago

You'd think that Kung Lao's hat would fly off lol while getting his head bashed by the incoming subway during one of the fatalities.

Kurt Russell2794d ago

I will be jealous of Kratos when I play my sbox version :(

MK is where the fight stick is though!

HaHa_Ostrich2794d ago

@ Zydake
I was humming the very same theme. lol

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Vo_Cal2795d ago

OMFG-OMG-OMG... My most anticipated game of this YEAR. Gonna buy it for 360 and PS3.. JUST IN CASE A MUHFUCKA WANNA TEST! YOU BETTA HIDE YO KIDZ!

Blaze9292795d ago

wow this is old as all hell

FunAndGun2795d ago

It is all the same except for the Kratos gameplay!

LOGICWINS2795d ago

^^I'm surprised that no one here mentioned anything about the King of the Hill mode. That looks awesome.

user94220772795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )


The Kratos gameplay wasn't in the demo trailer at all. This is all new.

Btw, on topic: I'll know which version I'm getting.

Manberg9002795d ago Show
LOGICWINS2795d ago

"You are a moron. It's the extended version of the trailer we saw. It includes a lot more gameplay as well as additonal modes. So shut the hell up."

Woah..easy on that roast beef buddy.

Blaze9292795d ago

wow ok sheesh, calm ur asses down

Led-Zeppelin2794d ago

Is that all you comment about?

2v12794d ago

mortal combat is free to play on the psn

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xAlmostPro2794d ago

I love how they gave him more than one weapon xD like he goes through in his games :D awesome

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cyborg2795d ago

Kratos owns, the other MK fighters are no match for him!

ceedubya92795d ago


In all fairness, Kratos is in the business of killing gods....

Raendom2795d ago

Raiden is a match, but Kratos would find a way to end him. :P

RedDead2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

ceeduby...greek gods kinda suck compared to say....the devil....demons and the christian god. If you ask me Kratos fits into MK so much. His powers are very much in the same catagory as MK characters. You say he kills gods, but they're probably the weekest 'gods' in history. They're just superhuman beings.

If I was a newcomer to MK and Gow, Kratos would just seem like he belonged in the game. Who would really win in a fight between Scorpion and Kratos? Who knows they have about the same speed, Scorpion being slightly faster instead of stronger. Point is their strenght is very comparable.

TEdit---The point is, kratos would not "OWN every MK character"

And i'm not talking about the game, certain characters are considered strong, it's like comparing who would win in a fight, Gandalf or Frodo. Cutscene strenght is normally this. For example, ingame leon S kenndy can take a hachet to the skull. Cutscene leon can not take a hachet to the skull. Who would win in a fight? Leon or Superman...oh I dunno whoever is the better player.Do you get my point now? Or can you still not fathom what i'm talking about?

LOGICWINS2795d ago

"Who would really win in a fight between Scorpion and Kratos? Who knows they have about the same speed, Scorpion being slightly faster instead of stronger. Point is their strenght is very comparable."

Whats the point of that comparison? They are two fictional characters. In the game, the person who is the better player will be the victor..regardless of which character he/she chooses, so I don't get the point ur trying to make.

Hudahudahuda2794d ago

Yeah, the Greek Gods are weaker than THE God anything is, but they weren't weak in GOW games. Poseidon pretty much flooded the planet just by dying.

Scorpion vs Kratos, Scorpion, can teleport and has hellfire which burns souls. Kratos Has Massive strength and the blade of olympus.

I wish Zeus could come later as DLC. Zeus vs Raiden would be awesome.

MakiManPR2794d ago

Kratos Killed ZEUS
what chances Raiden have??

sharpened sense2794d ago

Are you guys really comparing who would win in a fight between Kratos a made up video game guy vs. The Greek Gods who were made up by Man vs. the Christian God who also was made up by Man??? lol

one2thr2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

@red dead destroyer
You do know, that he defeated the sisters of fate (the chicks that controlls one's destiny), right?
And that he also killed Gaia ( The ever present mother of earth), right?
You do, know that he escaped hades multiple times and actually absorbed hades soul right?
You do know that all of the titans and gods combined are basically the same god concept as the christian god right?
Lastly, did you know that he's an immovable, but yet unstoppable being right?
In case if you didn't know, "He" is Kratos...... But I'm assuming you already knew that, right?

pinksteak092794d ago

@reddeaddestroyer, you typed all that nonsense for more disagrees than you bargained for...may olympus have mercy on you

x5exotic2794d ago

christian god got pwned by jews
the devil sucks,greek gods>>>>>>CH ristian mythology and all stuff like that,its just kratos' powers made them look crappy b4 he raped them all :)

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Bahaha! Kratos should be honored to step foot in the mk universe. He will get absolutely destroyed. Round after round. Get ready to see your little god get raped on, n4g.

Corepred42794d ago

maybe if you pick him. you probably suck at MK, lol.

MASTER_RAIDEN2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Yeah that makes a shit-ton of sense corepred4. The only thing you know about me is that my avatar is of the mk logo and that I'm obviously very excited about the game based purely on comment hisory. I've only been playing mk since I was 5.'re right. Add that all together and what do you get? I don't give a shit about bitch kratos because I suck at mortal kombat.

Sub-Zero852795d ago

My boy Ermac can hold his own against Kratos

Rocket Sauce2794d ago

I just watched Sub-Zero freeze Superman and smash him into a hundred pieces on youtube. I'd put money on him.

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Panthers2794d ago

Haha I love how they have QTEs for his moves.

Corepred42794d ago Show
darkdoom30002794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )


Well, you must have failed the QTE cause that joke just fell flat.

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theonlylolking2795d ago

Anyone who has played the demo should have seen this.

VenomProject2795d ago

Yeah, this is old. Saw this last week.

Norad62795d ago

The kratos gameplay wasn't in the demo trailer. That is new.

VenomProject2795d ago

I'm not talking about the demo trailer.

theonlylolking2794d ago

If you beat the tournament it shows this trailer.

pinksteak092794d ago

i played the demo, and i haven't seen this...may i borrow your eyes?