Ueda: PS3’s power ‘quite at the very limit’ with The Last Guardian

Team ICO designer Fumito Ueda has claimed the power of the PlayStation 3 is “quite at the very limit” thanks to the studios’ upcoming project, The Last Guardian.

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ps3bestever4832d ago

I Love X360 but this game will be really fantasic

Rynx4832d ago

I really just want to play this game! And the ICO collection

tehpees34832d ago Show
Active Reload4832d ago

Yeah, this game looks very interesting. But I don't think the guy wants it to be called a game.

sikbeta4832d ago

Man, if Team ICO did an Amazing Game like SoTC, no wonder they'll blows us with TLG...

malandra4832d ago

hope it comes out this year, this is a very strong GOTY contender, along with Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Skyrim and Mass Effect 3

DaTruth4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

You get an awesome game... and they blow you too?

NiKK_4194832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

@da truth damn, beat me to it lol

OT: i really need to play SoTC and ico (played a lil of sotc, but don't remember it, never played ico) then i will get this

SephireX4831d ago

This is the PS3 exclusive I'm looking forward to the most. Team Ico are an excellent studio. They're so original, creative and innovative. M$ just won't be able to compete with what is highly likely to be another masterpiece. Have you ever played a game like Ico or Shadow of the Collossus? No because they're unique. The Last Guardian will be a breath of fresh air and will provide a different experience to a lot of the generic trash that we see nowadays.

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erathaol4832d ago

Kudos to Ueda. That he releases an elegant dragon of a game into the world of gaming.

DigitalRaptor4832d ago

Games like this make the Xbox 360 defining lineup seems so disinteresting!

Rahim924832d ago

''I Love X360''

lol that was random

damnyouretall4832d ago

ive never played a team ico game and this one will be my first. im growing tired of the same ol genre's. this game looks awesome in a different kind of way. very cool



Look at your name and you'll catch the "irony".

paintsville4831d ago

Well if this game is truly pushing the limit of the ps3 then it will have dropped frames, and lots of tearing.

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xAlmostPro4832d ago

As much as i cant wait for this game, they cant say things like that when there's games like gow3 etc doing far more in-game and real time while looking better..

I'd agree that maybe it's at it's limit in terms of their coding methods etc but not actually as a console, not yet.

Anyways just a little mini rant, cant wait for this xD

DigitalAnalog4831d ago (Edited 4831d ago )

He, on the other hand, uses the power to suit his vision. Sort of how he utilize the power of the PS2 for the Shadow of the Colossus. Even Digital Foundry was surprised that he's mimicking "next-gen" technology feats THAT DOESN'T EXIST in the hardware (PS2) system at that time.

Unparalleled brilliance right there. Which is why this game would definitely be a gem this gen.

-End statement

ColossiSlayer4831d ago

Youre correct SOTC was the "1st PS3" game.
Team ICO will create something that I dont think will be TECHNICALLY surpassed on a console anytime soon...

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Winning4832d ago

Just for this year though, which seems to be the case with these exclusives.

NukaCola4831d ago

It may be passed in visuals sometime down the road, but it will be talked about forever.

Dart894832d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on it.

NanoSoldier4832d ago

Maybe this game will show us a little taste of how games on PS4 will look :-)

Hanuman4831d ago

The last guardian will be a beautiful game but it's more likely going to show us how dated the hardware is getting. For a taste of what's to come I'd stick to watching the Samaritan U3 demo and BF3!

Louis_Guzman4831d ago

If cg of a grizzled 40 year old plastic-looking man, dressed in 3" thick leather and LOL fps is the future of things to come, then I'm done with gaming. Going to be hilarious to see how many developers implode next gen due to costs and morons finally getting tired of the same fps slop.

Ducky4832d ago

My patience is also quite at the very limit.

I want it now. =(