StarCraft 2 Update: Protoss Carrier

The massive carriers serve as operations centers for leaders of the protoss fleets. Heavily armored and shielded, carriers can punch their way through enemy blockades by unleashing flights of robotic interceptors at vital enemy targets. These maneuverable, computer-guided craft tear through enemy flight formations and relentlessly strafe slower ground targets with potent plasma charges.

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Quickstrike4030d ago

Damn i was gonna report this till i found out about it :(

happygamer4030d ago

awesome havent gotten many updates on this game sense blizzcon but we all know how blizz is the game will be done when it done could be a year to 4 years.

jaja14344030d ago

See what I don't get is, whats taking so long? Besides updates the graphics and some gameplay elements, its pretty much the same Star Craft. Thats not a bad thing mind you, but it does beg to question that if something to more or less the same as something else you did, why is it taking so long to finish?

happygamer4030d ago

blizz always makes sure that the game totally rox before they release it.

wow heard it about it sometime 2000 didnt release until 04 nov 23 to be exact

they just take their time with games. this is nothing new

Bonsai12144030d ago

blizzard has never had a bad game. they put so much time and effort into making sure that everything is perfect.

so they're making a carrier that has weapons on it? (not interceptors)? those super carriers.. interesting.

anyone else surprised that 1 bc almost took down a carrier before the three could kill it? if it were 3v3, i would have had no doubt the bc's would have won.