Dragon Age 2 vs. Final Fantasy XIII

Geek Revolt writes "Okay—I know what you’re thinking; you can’t compare these two games. They are completely different. Well, I think it’s fair, both are RPGs (just different flavors) and both didn’t exactly live up to fans expectations. So they will be facing off in five categories, graphics, story, characters, world, and gameplay."

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Godmars2902769d ago

That its pretty obvious that the author is one of the few who actually liked FFXIII doesn't really healp.

DeeZee2769d ago

Haha, sorry, I didn't want to rub salt in anyones wounds :)

jeseth2769d ago

I agree FF13 is better than DA2.

I would even go as far as to say the characters in FF13 were MUCH better than DA2.

I don't understand all the hate w.FF13. Its like people never played it yet trashed it with all the stereotypical criticisms floating around the internet.

FF13 was an amazing story, with incredible characters and character developement. Towards the end of that game you cared about every single character and the conflict they were going through.

The graphics were great for a game of its size and the fighting system was awesome.

Anyways. I think origins would be a closer matchup to FF13. FF13 was an awesome game.

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stonecold32769d ago

i think ffvs 13 going to be the rpg this gen peace out? need to say more

SnakeMustDie2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Witcher 2, Mass Effect 3 and Dark Souls begs to differ. Also Persona 4 is currently the best JRPG this gen with Valkyria Chronicles in a close second. Not saying the game won't be good but I doubt it will be the "rpg of the gen". Can't wait for VS13 though I hope Nomura should announce a release date soon.

thekiddfran2769d ago

FFXIII wins I am afraid. Dragon age 2 is just too boring in pretty much every way. Plus it's sore to look at compared to FFXIII

jimbone792768d ago

Sorry man I just disagree enough to respond. DA2 may be boring, but FF13 is among the most boring games ever developed. There's no way DA2 is more boring than the snore fest that is FF13. Just the fact you have to run is a straight line in FF13 almost as long as it takes to beat DA2 is pretty ridiculous to me. This is just my opinion and I wasn’t trying to say yours was wrong.

thekiddfran2768d ago

Mine was just an opinion mate too so it's all good. I hated the fact that FFXIII was so linear but once I completed the game i decided to try plat it and now i am loving it.

jimbone792768d ago

Yea, once I forced myself threw the long, long, first part I admit it wasn't that bad a game.

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