Crysis 2: Xbox 360 Installation Size Revealed

Installing games on the Xbox 360 has proved to be a valuable addition for certain titles – Halo – or it has been a necessity for others – Mass Effect 2 or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. By decreasing overall load times and other elements, installing a game can be a worthwhile HDD space investment for those looking for the optimal experience out of their game.

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Neko_Mega2766d ago

PS3 4GB and 360 5GB? So how does it get 1GB more?

Weird, in less this person mess up on it and it is PS3 5GB and 360 4GB.

RyuDrinksTheDew2766d ago

just means the PS3 version isnt doing a full install.

Shackdaddy8362766d ago

It could also be that they compressed the PS3 version slightly better. I remember saying they compressed the shit out of this game.

Shackdaddy8362766d ago

Based on my disagrees - guess not :)

Masterchef20072766d ago

Well with the PS3 they dont have to compress it at all because of Blu-ray which is why it seems strange to people.

Wenis2766d ago

Its because installing games on the 360 installs the entire game.

IHateYouFanboys2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

@Masterchef2007: "Well with the PS3 they dont have to compress it at all because of Blu-ray which is why it seems strange to people."

they do have to compress it actually. compression is more about read speeds than it is about disk space. these consoles can basically uncompress on the fly without using any CPU power. compressing everything means the files are smaller, which means more is read from the disk at a time than it would be if it was uncompressed. this speeds up load times, obviously. and the truth is that 99.999999% of people cant tell the difference between a 200kb jpeg version of a 8mb photo and the original. developers are idiots if they dont use compression on virtually everything.

anyway, this is amazing - 5gb for the best looking game available on any console to date. wow. guess that completely proves that a game doesnt have to be 40gb to look good (im looking at you KZ3 with your 30gb of cutscene video lol).

this further proves the point ive been saying for years - size on disc != quality of game or graphics. textures/geometry/character models take up a TINY amount of space on the disc - theres not a single PS3 exclusive that wouldnt fit on a single DVD if you just removed all the HD pre-rendered video (use in-game engine instead), uncompressed 7.1 audio (use regular 5.1, cause lets face it, probably less than 2% of people have 7.1), and multiple language tracks (just localise the game), and duplicated data that comes with using a blu-ray disc with a lower read speed than DVD. Video and Audio are the 2 big space eaters, not textures/geometry/character models. hell, the entire engine for the game would be significantly less than 1gb based on the demo size.

also, have to wonder what the overall size of the PS3 version is? surely if it was only 5gb too they wouldve just made the mandatory install 5gb and run the whole game from the HDD? im thinking they had to duplicate data all over the disc on the PS3 version to help with load times, like most PS3 exclusives do.

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Neko_Mega2766d ago

Ok two people disagree because of what I said? Wow lame clickers.

Caleb_1412766d ago

Your just asking for disagrees now

Solidus187-SCMilk2766d ago

Most people know that the ps3 sometimes does required partial installs, while the 360 has optional FULL GAME installs for every game.

The full game installs are larger than the partial installs obviously.

OdinFallen2766d ago

The PS3 Trolls are out in force and it seems they don't like you.

Neko_Mega2766d ago

Oh so authors don't mess up?


How? Because people can't disagree and leave a reason why? I mean how hard is that?

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8thnightvolley2766d ago

is it just me ...

coz i dont knw how they get such high quality visuals and do it on one disc which doesnt even fill it.. HOW?.. they must have a hell of a coding method.

SuperLupe2766d ago

Was thinking the same thing. Looks like some genres dont need bluray. Even KZ2 was only 12gb. Some compression and stuff and they could make it fit on a DVD.

B1663r2766d ago Show
Ducky2766d ago

... Why would they need a lot of space for visuals?

Geometry and textures shouldn't eat up a lot of space. Usually it's the audio and pre-rendered cinematics that're the biggest space hogs.

CobraKai2766d ago

The fatoldman is right.

Killzone 2 only used 12gb because cutscenes were real-time. Killzone 3 used 41gb due to the pre-rendered cutscenes. I'm thinking Crysis is all real-time meaning less disc space.

Objective2766d ago

I think this really makes a statement about whether blu-ray is really necessary for gaming this gen.

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Elven62766d ago

360 installs have the entire game installing on the harddrive while PS3 installs usually (but not always) simply have certain files installed to the harddrive to help speed up loading.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2766d ago

hopefully it will help out the load times.(dont know the lengths)

definitely going to be installing though, its a must if you have the space.

DevilishSix2766d ago

I believe I heard the single player is mostly a seamless experience.

RyuDrinksTheDew2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

ah man, really? that would be sweet!

not saying you arent right, but do you happen to have a link to where that was said?

edit: im being lazy, ill just google it haha.

InTheKnow2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

The demo beta was 1.6 gb's for 2 multi-player maps? 5 gb seems kinda small TBH?

Just saw this video at another thread. It's the 360 version and the game is said to be quite long with a lot of different environments. Looks like Crytek has some secret compression skills.

Shaman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Crytek said they have hell of good compression tech though...Plus there is nothing pre rendered there,everything real time :)

Masterchef20072766d ago

Except for the begining credits with the nano suit. But everything else is real time.

DevilishSix2766d ago

Beta's and Demo's do not necessarily use the same compression technic found on a retail disc or any compression at all for that matter.

aia122766d ago

game space has little to do with environment size. crysis 1 was like 6 gb as well and outsacles any game to date even the game that takes the most space( MGS4 which took like 50gb). horsepower, ram and memory bandwidth play a much much bigger role in how large environments in games are

CherryLu-Chan2766d ago

Half an article.

Does the game run any better on 360 with a full install compared to grabbing the game from DVD, or the partial install of the PS3?

Solidus187-SCMilk2766d ago

load alot faster than off the disk.

I guess some games might load textures or something faster off the HD then the DVD but that probably depends on the game.

If you do the full install on 360 then you can expect to have fairly shorter loads than when off the DVD.

B1663r2766d ago

Well for example, Red Dead Redemption... Without install, you get pop-ins, with install, all pop-ins go away...

CobraKai2766d ago

i noticed that too. And for UE3 games like Gears of War 1 or Mass Effect 1, I noticed the textures pop in a lot faster than off dvd.

Whoooop2766d ago

The real upside is to avoid the sound of a NASA rocket taking off when the disk loads.

DantheMan812766d ago

I install all my games anyway. They usually load faster and it also makes the 360 run more quiet

B1663r2766d ago

Usually load faster, my ass. They ALWAYS load faster, and the slim is faster again that the old xboxes.

Elven62766d ago

Some games like Halo 3/ODST won't load faster if they already cache their data to the HDD's caching area (basically the 7 GB or so that are reserved for the system on the 360). If you install those games to the HDD they end up loading slower because they are essentially doing the same thing twice.

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