What Shooters Need To Beat Call Of Duty

NowGamer runs down a list of CoD features and what other franchises need to do to beat them.

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xc7x2863d ago

why does a shooter need to do that? we already have a large fair share of arcade shooters,we need more realistic shooters,more tactical shooters.

ATiElite2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

It should read what shooters are better than Call of Duty already.

Arma II
Battlefield 2
Unreal Tournament
Bad Company 2
Red Orchestra
Counter Strike
Team Fortress 2
Killzone 2-3
Half Life 1-2 Deathmatch
plus many more. COD is just the popular arcade shooter that casuals love. I laugh every time some moron casual gaming editor acts as if Call of Duty started the whole Modern Warfare genre, WRONG! (Battlefield 2 says hello)

squallheart2862d ago

A big marketing campaign and +brain washing level up -.-

GamerSciz2863d ago

Call of Duty has a huge following. It came during the time of the original Modern Warfare when FPS have never since been the same. Only problem is since MW nothing has changed except a few minor things with customization or the kill streak type. The CoD has a huge following but at the same time since MW2 (big fail) it's been generating a lot of hate. Reason being is the gamers are finally tired of putting up with a glitchy full of bugs game and spending $60 on it.

Halo (if not exclusive) would have a larger following then CoD and sell more. It doesn't have "perks" per sei but the gameplay is a lot of fun and addicting.

This article isn't bad but I don't see why shooters "HAVE" to beat CoD when it's already beating itself into the ground...

2863d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi2862d ago

Call of Duty sells on its name mostly.

maxmill2862d ago

in order for games to "beat" COD the need assault rifle that shoot around corners, and claymores you cant see, oh wait...

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