The Pre-Ordering Craze

We Got This Covered doesn't know exactly when this happened, but with every new game that is announced now there seems to be a flashy pre-order advert bamboozling your eyes with confusing paragraphs of money making evil-ness. Well not always evil –ness, but largely just asking for more money before the game is even out.

How did this happen?

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Doctorofreality2767d ago

MOney perhaps? I think it is sort of the standard now, people kinda expect some sort of extra incentive for that second sale. gamers are getting conditioned to be ready for it.

TheHip142767d ago

I never and will never pre order a game

thegreatest78842766d ago

I usually only preorder games that come with a poster or a figure or something, never when the bonus is for dlc or some exclusive armor/weapon. I like to decorate my gaming room with them, and I figure the posters would cost at least $5 otherwise so why not?

RaymondM2764d ago

same here man, if it comes with something else: then I'll pre order. Other than that: i'm too damn old to be worrying if a game will sell out. If I dont get it on the first day, I'll wait a week or order online