Head2Head: Crysis 2 "Retail" Screenshot Comparison (HD 720p)

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Screenshot Comparison! Last week we showed you the differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 demo versions of Crytek's highly anticipated Crysis 2 - but that was only a demo, and only a multiplayer demo at that. How do they look? Find out inside. Head2Head engaged!


They added a page three which contains more rollovers and screenshot comparison of the Multiplayer Modes between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Fishy Fingers4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

Props to Crytek, for their first console game they've got both versions up and running nicely.

I know many will pick apart the screens, find small details that 'prove' their platform of choice as the 'winner', but minor differences/styles aside, I'd say they're equal and your getting a great product on either console.

jizzyjones4341d ago

Even for me aswell, just as Crytek said.

Pixelated_Army4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

The site is loading super slow!

Holy cow! What an amazing job Crytek did on both version. *look of shock froze my face*

page 1
1,3,4,5,6 look better on PS3; 2 just looks horrible bad snapshot and the rest look even.

page 2 just about every image there favors the PS3.


So crytek wasn't lying when they said the PS3 version has the lead. w00t!

Still have my pre-order in place. Crytek I luv you! (but those damn jaggies aargh)

Sorry but I'm absolutely giddy. :P



Pixel_Pusher4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

*Views screenhots of Cry2*

My reaction ^^^ PS3 FTW

Pixel_Pusher4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

differences are minimal the 360 looks slightly crisper in some images but not by very much and the PS3 has a larger field of view. : )

MaxXAttaxX4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

The overall visuals (detail, lighting, contrast, etc) on PS3 look closer to the PC version than 360.
I don't like that harsh contrast on 360. Losing detail in dark areas is not my thing.

Also this:


HolyOrangeCows4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

If these screens are indicative of the entire game, then besides the slightly lower resolution (Though both are sub-HD), the PS3 version looks great. Better in many ways, even.

Yeesh, Crytech. You release a beta that looks like garbage, and now this curve ball. I don't think I can believe it until I actually play for myself at this point.

The latency and framerate better be a LOOOOOOT better than the demo. That's something that can't be seen in a screenshot, though.

malandra4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

so after all the PS3 version is best (of the consoles)

I wonder if all those lying/smearing sites are going to write a reatraction and/or apology

EDIT, the difference on the picture with the badge is huge, the 360 version looks very blurry and the PS3 clear as day

I didn't think it would be that noticeable

ProjectVulcan4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

Looks to me like PS3 sacrifices a little resolution against 360 so it can run assets closer to the PC version. It certainly looks more like the PC version and shares more of the effects. This can only really mean it is a tad better, PC is the definitive one the consoles are trying to ape so closest wins.

It will be performance however that really matters, so as long as they both run fine then that is what counts. Overall the differences are (as per usual) negligible and extremely minor. Enjoy whatever version you buy and play. PC and 3D for me.

badz1494341d ago

if they already have this awesome looking code in hands, why 'purposely' released the 'weak' demo version just prior to released for PS3? don't they want their game to sell? or they just want to troll the scene?

Vherostar4341d ago

People who buy it based on which looks better unless on PC (as thats usually a massive difference) are idiots or liars (as they just say they buying on that platform for graphics which in reality isn't the truth). I like nearly everybody else buy for the platform my friends are gonna play it on. The game will probably sell better on 360 over ps3 for this reason though as most people get fps games on 360s and have stuck with it for that.

Even so I will probably get for PC as my mates are and leave the ps3 version alone even if it does look slightly better than 360 version.

JohnnyBadfinger4340d ago

The cinematic screen grabs look much better on the PS3, but the in-game screen grabs seem to look better on 360...

but either way all you gotta do is tweak the brightness and contrast in the options... other than that the most equal comparison i have seen...kudos to Crytek.

I swear if 1 of you morons come out and say 1 is better than the other, i will destroy a box of puppys in your name

pixelsword4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Well, it's lens of truth, so I'm taking this with a grain of salt, because they lost a lot of cred with me a long time ago with some of the things they pulled.

bozebo4340d ago

I am inclined to think that both platforms look the same, but.

There are a few select screens where one platform looks bettter than the other by a tiny tiny little amount if you look carefully

Except that 1 with the guy's arm and the texture has not loaded in properly on the 360... Normally I wouldn't say texture popin differences count but I suppose they do if it is in an in-engine cut-scene - so the ps3 has a slight edge because the game is streamed properly from a hard drive (uploading an xbox game to hdd doesn't really count - it is just a disk rip not an optimised hdd installer like pc and ps3).

I also noticed in a video that the water in the 360 version updated its ripples less frequently than the frame rate (like the annoying laggy particles in fable 2 and probably 3 but I didn't play it) - I suspect that if they have used the cell properly then it will update at a proper frame rate on the ps3 but I will need to play it or watch a vid to find out.

darthv724340d ago

then why must this be a debate over the minute details nobody will ever really press their noses up to the screen to see?

I play from 8ft away on a 42" plasma. At that distance I can honestly say I would not be able to tell the difference.

If you have both platforms and you choose to get one for either then it should be the one you feel you would have the most fun with (single player, multiplayer). Most generally base their decision on the number of friends they would be able to compete with online anyway.

If I had more friends with the 360 version, I wouldnt buy the PS3 one simply for the way it looks and vice versa. These two platforms have probably come the closest to looking the same than any other title before it. That says something about the developers and the talent they have to work with.

After all...this isnt genesis vs snes anymore.

nickjkl4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

waits for we only used % of pss spus

im serious i want to know how much they used and or how well they used them

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downwardspiral4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

they don't look that different at all. the only thing i see is that the 360 looks a bit darker, but the ps3 version looks to be more detailed in certain parts like that skull on the soldier's uniform.

mario2k64341d ago

uhm no u got the other way around the xbox 360 version is much much brighter and the texutres are more clearer on the 360 version and it runs at a higher framerate but graphically there the same i have Crysis 2 on the xbox 360 was going to get it on ps3 but all the crap i heard didnt buy it

Masterchef20074341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

People keep claiming that the 360 version of Crysis 2 is better. But it seems its the version with the most glitches with the graphics.

Walk with me and I will show you the way.

Forgive me if i dont post both images in all of them because i dont know how to do that with the roll overs.

If you look at the PS3 version the texture doesnt look messy at all.


As you can this in this image. For some reason the Nanosuit in the 360 version is washed out with white while in the PS3 version its black.


Now this is something that i wasnt expecting. The bloom in the PS3 version seems to be stronger and more fuller than the 360 one. You can tell this by the way the sun shines through the door opening.


As you can see the bloom is stronger overall in the PS3 version. One thing that i noticed strange was the jaggy shadow on the door in the 360 version. This shadow is completly absent from the PS3 one.

These are just the minor differences that the 2 versions have. I am guessing that they are just glitches in the 360 version. But in the end i think its one of those games where the 360 will do some things better and the PS3 will do other things better. So in the end its not a huge deal and its pretty much a tie.

But if i had to choose between the 2 based on these screenshots. I would choose the PS3 version because of its more aggresive lighting and fewer glitches than the 360 version.

I was expecting it to be night and day the 2 version but aparently crytek did a great job with both platforms. Now i only hope that the game is good to warrant my purchase.

Shaman4341d ago

I told you guys that game looks marvelous in SP.Both look pretty much the same but still gonna wait for HUUUGE DF tech breakdown of Crysis 2 as they promised it.

BubbleSniper4341d ago

you got that right

gonna wait for DF for the wrapup then i opt to buy ps3 ver. as i cancel after tryin demo and now feel

a bit harsh for my decision making an owe Crytek for doubting...

PC ver. tomorrow!

darkman864341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

the ps3 version is best....

more Anisotropic Filtering
Better lighting
Better shadows
Better water
Less black crush
Better Lod

TKCMuzzer4341d ago

Well that depends, they still put out a shoddy demo, which they should have not.

SuperStrokey11234341d ago

Indeed, and i would be one of the poeple that owes them one. I was rather vocal about "crytek sucks" and what not. I am currently enjoying eating my other foot right now.

Rhythmattic4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

I'm Absolutely flabbergasted with what crytek are getting out of their Cry3 engine on both consoles.

I believe their SDK will open a lot of doors for all multi-platform developers...

Whether you own only a 360 or Ps3, or both, this development engine is nothing short of spectacular.

For a multi-platform console game, the bar has just been raised.

Edit: Will get this on PC .

jriquelme_paraguay4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

very equal.. but in some screens, 4th, the PS3 have better texture.
ANd i like more the PS3 illumination.

PS3 win for me for a little

Waiting for the new LOT Multiplayer comparison

kaveti66164341d ago

Yeah, but what if someone finds identical screens that show the 360 version with better textures?

Do you see why a few screenshot comparisons are pointless?

It's a 7 hour game. There are going to be many instances where the PS3 version looks a little better and many instances where the 360 version looks a little better. But overall, they're nearly identical, so no, the PS3 version doesn't win.

Crytek did a great job. And for people saying the MP looks bad, I don't think so. The MP of Crysis 2 on consoles looks better than Black Ops and MW2.

The only problem with Crysis 2 is that, setting aside Crytek's ability to make a technically marvelous game, the story is weak, the gameplay is mediocre, the environments are generic, the enemy AI is poor, and there is a lot of object pop-in.

But all of that aside, the game is very good-looking, which is what Crytek promised.

jriquelme_paraguay4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

are not pointless... because apart both look almos identical, looks good.
Not like both versions of Homefront look like crap
But i like more the lighting in the PS3 version

kaveti66164341d ago

can you prove that the lighting in the ps3 version consistently is better throughout the whole game?


that's why these limited screenshot comparisons are pointless.

elpresador4340d ago

jriquelme_paraguay just said s/he prefers the lighting look on the ps3 not that it was FACTUALLY better. Calm down bro and wash the sand outta your va-jay-jay

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Shackdaddy8364341d ago

Why couldn't Crytek just show this stuff in the first place? Would have avoided soooo much

StoneyYoshi4341d ago

it would have all been avoided if people in this world weren't so damn ignorant.

4341d ago
gta28004341d ago

Didn't see that coming. The pic where it showed the elbow with the patch on it, the PS3 version has some sharp clear textures and the 360 version looks like my ass after I take a shit. I didn't expect it to be so different.

elpresador4340d ago

Though it looks odd it coulda been partially in a pop in. Also, I noticed that in some shots they took while nothing was going on and some had motion blur and it was looking worse. That goes both ways though as both systems have pics like this.

ChronoJoe4341d ago

PS3 version looks great :)

360 has a slightly higher resolution, makes it look a little crisper. But the 360 version also fails short on lighting.

I'd say they're pretty even.

cannon88004337d ago

Great job Crytek! I'm glad you guys came through. In those pictures I saw that the ps3 was a little better on some textures and lighting but in the end you won't really notice much difference because it's a fast pace action game and so there's really no time to pick out every little detail. unless you own both consoles and have them running head to head lol.

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MegaMohsi4341d ago

the differences are so negligible that I would call both versions even. I'm getting the PC version :D

DrHouse4341d ago

Amazing. They both look and run beautifully. The only difference is the slightly sharper textures on the Xbox due to the upscaling. Other than that they are Identical. Crysis haters have been served.

SoulMisaki4341d ago

But are you sure that you don't mean PS3? The close-up on the soldiers clothes clearly shows the PS3 has a much more detailed Badge/clothing there, compared to the blurry version on the 360.

Double check and let me know, I respect your opinion either way.

DrHouse4341d ago

Yea alot of haters particuarly kept suqaking that Crysis 2 ps3 version would suck, mainly because they wanted Kz3 to keep looking the best. And they were wrong the ps3 looks on par and at times even better than the 360 counterpart, only Crytek could do something like that with a multiplat.

Ju4341d ago

That shot is kind of weird, though. Looks too blurry in the 360 version. Almost like motion blur which could be the case here.

I go with what others said before. PS3 sacrifices a little bit of resolution but shines in other aspects (lightning, ...).

shadow27974341d ago

I'm fairly certain it's a pop-in issue. Still a +1 for the PS3, sort of, but the issue should be fixed when the game is installed to the HDD. And given that the PS3 comes with a large mandatory install, it would probably be more fair to do a comparison to an installed version of Crysis 2 on Xbox 360.

Just saying.

The PS3 certainly has more pronounced bloom effects, which I like. However, I can't tell if some of the lighting is entirely different (different placement of the sun) or if the 360 more accurately simulates lighting. All in all though, they are really close and both look good. Better than either multiplayer demo that was released, in my opinion. Good job Crytek.

SoulMisaki4341d ago

Crysis 2 and KZ3 look almost on par, just with greatly differing art styles. I'm thinking of getting it, waiting on some more reviews, namely the GT review.

SuperStrokey11234341d ago

Crysis looks good, but no where near what KZ3 does sorry.

hoops4341d ago


Don't kid yourself like many on this site will...
Crysis 2 is on par with KZ3 easy. Some areas look better in KZ3, some areas look better in Crysis 2.
Both have different art direction. It's a wash.
Crytek did what they said they would and I had my doubts. They delivered one of the best looking games on consoles. It matches up easy with any PS3 exclusive game. Saying otherwise is lying to yourself and you are going to see MANY MANY sites also stating this in the coming days and MANY MANY "people" on this site will implode with anger over it because they cannot accept it.

xVeZx4341d ago

killzone 3 still looks better than crysis 2 on 360 or ps3 theres no question about that

Ju4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

IMO it doesn't beat KZ3. But to really say that, both need to be played. KZ3 has no dip in frame rate, no lag in the controls and an impressive scope. But so does Crysis, immense scope and great clear art direction, great lightning.

I would like to see the frame rate analysis of both, though. C2 does not tear, neither does KZ3, but C2 feels slower (a tad more sluggish) than KZ3 (that is based on the demo. Like I said, haven't played the SP).

Multiplayer is pretty clear, though. KZ3 beats C2.

I would like to hear/see some insight report how Crytek did it. Forward vs. Deferred? They never mentioned a deferred renderer; maybe they use one. Lightning most likely must be otherwise this result would be very impressive to run on the RSX only. I still think they didn't max out the SPUs (yet) - simply because out of experience I'd say you can't with the first title. 4ms missing to reach 1280...this could be found through optimization (next iteration).

Also, KZ3 renders real 3D in 30fps while C2 does not (C2 renders "eye" offsets from Z buffer reconstruction and runs basically 3 "parallax" layers instead). This shows quite some head room KZ3 has over C2.

shadow27974341d ago

If I'm not mistaken, Crysis's lighting is completely forward. Which is very impressive.

And KZ3's true stereoscopic 3D alone doesn't indicate any advantage over Crytek's engine in 2D gameplay. At best it just says that Guerilla has a better system in place for rendering 3D, or that Crytek just went in another direction with it. Perhaps they just weren't willing to make the sacrifices in order to render the frame twice.

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BakedGoods4341d ago

Yeah man, you've got it backwards. The PS3 version has the sharper textures.

Robearboy4341d ago

Well graphics wise the games look very close, in some screens the ps3 looks better, in others the 360 looks better, props to crytek.

Providing the game runs smooth on both consoles it looks like neither 360 or ps3 owners have anything to boast over the other and both can enjoy what i am sure will be a great game

NYC_Gamer4341d ago

it looks real good on both consoles