Xboxer 360: Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Review

Xboxer 360: I preferred the Noble Map Pack over this one, but it’s still worth a punt for any Halo: Reach regulars. With that said new maps are always a plus, so let’s hope we keep getting them for a long while to come. At least this proved that quality Halo maps can be produced without the aid of Bungie.

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xstation792820d ago

I never understood why people review mappacks.

eggbert2820d ago

People want to find information on the maps and know how the maps play, if there are any issues etc.

I never buy mappacks anyways.

MerkinMax2820d ago

These maps are going to be viewed by 2 groups of people, matchmaking players and those who like both matchmaking and firefight.

If you only play matchmaking and not firefight, the value might not be there. Not to say the 2 matchmaking maps aren't good, 2 maps for 10 bucks might not sit well with some people.

If you enjoy playing both FF and MM (like myself) you'll really love what you're buying.

otherZinc2820d ago

Please, Halo maps should never received anything under a 9, period!

Halo maps get more play time than most FPS full games!

That 7 is a ridiculous score. Now if you gave that 7 to the first map packs that didn't have a Firefight map, I'd understand, but this 7, no.

etowntwo2820d ago

I really liked these maps.

Best so far in my opInion, probably because they are big.