HD-DVD Forum Inadvertly Reveal Plans to Enforce Region Coding?

The lack of region coding on HD DVD has caused studios such as New Line to delay releases months later from their blu-ray counter parts. Till now HD DVD hasn't chose to use region coding but has always been an option.

Though at the DVD Forum Japan Conference 2007 from one of the slides show a region coding technology for HD DVD that is stronger than that of DVD, the discussion of this would suggest region coding may make their way on newer releases.

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hfaze4490d ago

There goes one of the pro HD-DVD talking points...

It seems like future releases are going to be region encoded just like DVD and Blu-Ray...

Although, who couldn't see that one coming... Different regions usually have different pricing, and they don't want people to be able to just import a movie for less than their home region charges...

cuco334490d ago

where the DVD part would be region coded.

Cats still in the bag.

Cherchez La Ghost4490d ago

Just reading info on HD-DVD, and seeing some Blu-Ray exclusives are on HD-DVD format (over seas).

Hope this won't happen.

Mikelarry4490d ago

this is the only reason i am pro hd if this happens well i might be adding a ps3 to my collection since its still the cheapest blu ray player in the uk