Marooners' Rock Review: Total War: Shogun 2 (PC)

John writes: "Great warlords battle for the soul of Japan as Total War returns to its origins and asks who will rise up to become shogun of 16th century Japan."

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bumnut2767d ago

I have not played this one, but Total War games went downhill after medieval 2 for me.

I didn't enjoy Empire or Napoleon.

krazykombatant2767d ago

Hmmm well bought this one this afternoon and I haven't played even an hour of it yet but so far it seems pretty good. I enjoyed Empire, it was the first of the franchise for me so I found it incredibly realistic and makes AoE look like a special needs child. However, looking at the review from this guy, I can admit that the learning curve is steep at times. Still you gotta give more negatives to make that 75/100 seem more legitimate.

BeastlyRig2767d ago

Wow this site I'll never visit!

my review? 95/100