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Kingdom Come2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Regardless of what the title is, it should be a Wonder to play. They aren't worried about thinking out of the box regarding gameplay. Heavy Rain was a marvellous Video Game and after their recent Bafta success, the future looks bright.

malandra2795d ago

it will be a PS3 exclusive and will be announced at E3

brew2795d ago

malandra = David Cage or Mr.Yoshida confirmed

erathaol2794d ago

Wonder how David Cage is feeling about 3D, could come up with some incredible things considering his engine is build for interactive cinematic experiences.

lochdoun2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

News flash: Quantic Dreams isn't owned by Sony. They released a game on Xbox 1. Therefore the Xbox tag should be applied to this because there is a chance it could be on Xbox as well.

theunleashed642795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

SCE trademarked one of the Fiv5 domains thus means ps3 exclusive.

edit: disagree? the article even mention's it and SCE stands for sony europe.

Kingdom Come2795d ago

Trademarks don't necessarily refer to full-titles, it could refer to anything. DLC perhaps...

Kingdom Come2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I agree. Had the game been confirmed as Heavy Rain 2 I would understand, but truth be told, people need to be prepared for if the company decide to target their next title at a larger audience similar to Bungie's next title.

Edit: I read the article, but it would seem people don't understand that trademarks can refer to more than fullgames.

@ redDevvil87
You shouldn't judge all Xbox gamers by the standards of certain individuals, if Xbox gamers were to judge PS3 fans by those on this site they would think no one cared about gameplay and just about graphics.

MrBeatdown2795d ago

"It’s also just come to light via that very handy GAF post, that SCE seem to have the fiv5 name trademarked which would imply exclusive status."

Protip: Read article.

redDevil872795d ago

The game would bomb on the 360 anyway. I remember all those 360 fanboys calling Heavy Rain one long QTE. You guys wouldn't want to play this game anyway, you just want to have it so you can have a pop at the PS3 losing an exclusive. Pretty sad.

sikbeta2794d ago


they released fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy multiplat for PS2, PC and xbox last gen and the game sold like 800k to 1m overall, HR went exclusive cos SCEE offered full support for the game and that way avoided to be another bad seller multiplat, if SCEE offered support for HR, why makes you think they'll not do it with David Cage's next project and that way securing a new exclusive?

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Rampaged Death2795d ago

I hope it's single player and not online like they wanted to do.

dragonelite2795d ago

haha quick time events online gameplay.

ExitToExisT2795d ago

Heavy Rain was my GOTY of 2010. Can't wait other projects from Quantic Dream!

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