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"It tough to be too critical of the graphics. Crytek aimed over the head of the console capability they were developing for, but pushed the limits of the hardware. It is weird that graphical problems are more noticeable the closer they are to perfection. No one complains when Street Fighter doesn’t look like real life. Overall I would say that any problems exhibited are extremely minor and are well within the expectations of the hardware. The game on a whole is still one of the very best looking titles of this console generation"

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talltony2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

"The blacks seemed a little crushed as well with not as much shadow detail as the PS3 version. One thing to note is that the PS3 version is inexplicably limited to 720p while the xbox version will run at full 1080, which probably accounts for the sharper image on the 360"

lol it doesnt run at full 1080p what are they talking about?

I know that but does This reviewer or previewer know that. I dont think he realizes upscaled to 1080p is different than native.

Fishy Fingers2771d ago

Pretty much ever game on 360 supports 1080 if you look at the box, it's the upscaling.

MaxXAttaxX2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Both versions are "sub-HD".

The "1080p" on the back of Xbox 360 game boxes is not native 1080p. Just upscaled.

RedDead2771d ago

Most of the people on this site don't know differance between native 1080p and anything less, half the people think GT5 is Full 1080p

geodood2771d ago

GT5 is 1080p
1080P is defined as 1080 vertical lines of resolution and a progressively scanned image, which is what GT5 supports

You just mean natively 1920*1080, not 1080p as GT5 is natively 1080p

Pandamobile2770d ago

GT5 does not render in 1080p.

DaTruth2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

GT5's resolution has nothing to do with this debate! Not to mention, it is the closest thing to full HD 60fps this console gen!

GT5 has nothing to do with native and upscale! You've knocked the conversation completely off the rails!

MaxXAttaxX2770d ago

And it upscales to 1920x1080p.
If you can even call that an upscale since the difference is so minimal.

Although, that was info from Prologue. I know there are some differences between Prologue and GT5(final) but not sure if the resolution changed.

It's still 1080p. Period.

humbleopinion2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

@Geodood: So that definition also makes Crysis resolution 720p.
And in fact, that would make a game that runs at a miserable resolution of 1x1080p a 1080p game. Which makes the whole term meaningless.

So let's not kid ourselvesL When people say 720p they probably refer to the HD Ready standard of 720p which means 720 progressive in *widescreen 16:9 ratio* - and hence 720x1280.
Same goes for 1080p commonly refering to Full HD standard of 1080 progressive in *widescreen 16:9 ratio* - hence 1920x1080.

GT5 does not run natively at 1920x1080 (not even close infact, since 1280x1080 contains just 2/3 of the pixels compared to 1920x1080), and the same applies for Crysis which doesn't run even at native 1280x720.

MaxXAttaxX2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Dude just shut up and read what I said above.
No one is saying "native 1920x1080".

There was no need to stretch things that far.

humbleopinion2769d ago

what's up with you? I wasn't replying to you and I wasn't even referring to your comment.

But now that I do read in to your commend, I must say that claiming that "the difference is so minimal" does sound pretty dumb. How can you call having 50% extra pixels a minimal difference? That's like 700,000 pixels!

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Mr-Dude2771d ago

omg, i this even a full review? Looks more like a preview...

thedarkestfaction2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

More like a total load, Crysis 2 is not 1080P on the 360. They are sub-hd on both systems with the 360 pumping out a few hundred extra pixels

Game0N2771d ago

anybody remember killzone 3 having reviews come out literally a month before release? i have yet to see one crysis 2 official review and it comes out tomorrow!! interesting...

wissam2771d ago

Bubble for the smart post.

undercovrr2771d ago

yeah. that is really bothering me too. i mean comon..the game is one of the most hyped games this gen, and zilch reviews by respectable websites (and i use the term respectable very loosely)

BeaArthur2771d ago

EA has done that with their last few titles. Dragon Age 2 and Bulletstorm were the same way.

NanoSoldier2771d ago

Well, Bulletstorm was actually pretty cool

BeaArthur2771d ago

I'm not saying one way or another, I'm just saying that's what they have been doing.

bigtrucknd2770d ago

Usually reviews are held up because the game is a turd and the developers know it. They want to get as much money from preorder sales before word of mouth gets out and kills potential sales.

Dread2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

very interesting. It must be a cosnpiracy right?


o and can you provide a link of a KZ3 review which came out "a month before release"

SeanScythe2770d ago

Gametrailers had a review several weeks before the game released for KZ3.

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I HARLEM I2771d ago


wissam2771d ago

Out of curiosity. why do you always caps your words ?

etowntwo2770d ago

Good point!!!

If they can make Crysis 2 to look like the best looking game (arguably) so far this gen, and it's muliplat .... now I'm looking forward to all their resources being used for the Xbox exclusive, Kingdoms.

Dread2770d ago

even if it were the best looking game on console , the sony fanboys would never accept it and find twenty million things wrong with it and start making stupid lists of the exlcusive announced for 2011, etc..

DevilishSix2771d ago

How is this article a review as the title says? It's a short game summary and does not give a score, letter grade, or a thumbs up or down.

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