Xbox 360 gets brainy remote

If your Xbox 360 is the centre of your home entertainment universe, you'll want to hook it up to all your devices – well, your telly at least - and save your feeble Xbox bound body the arduous task of switching between remotes.

Luckily the Intelligent Remote 360, fashioned by Nyco, will do just that. The clever clogs remote will control your Xbox 360, telly and other odds and ends universally using 'smart' technology - which allows the remote to learn functions from existing remotes without the need for codes or software and other associated programming faff.

The Intelligent Remote 360 is currently only on sale in the US for around $40.

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Schmitty076209d ago

I'm going out to pick one of them up

GTProwler6209d ago

I have the harmony remote from logitech, and it is a dream, its just missing the big guide button but its cool, i can control EVERYTHING that uses a remote, yep im that lazy when im at home.

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