Too Human: Exclusive Trailer

Defend mankind from an onslaught of monstrous war machines hellbent on the eradication of life as we know it.

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MK_Red4488d ago

This game will RULE. I have all the faith in Silicon Knights that this will become a classic like Eternal Darkness. Graphics are not too special but it's good to see the improved framerate.
Can't wait for this epic story.

egyptian_diarrhea4488d ago

i have hopes for this one as well, but there aren't as high as when i first saw it running with the u3 engine,it's been downgrade ever since, there still seems like there is a lot of work to be done, it doesn't only have to play well it has to look good as well for it to be a purchase for me... but i think this will come out at the same time as lost odyssey probably... modafocas...

celticlonewolf4488d ago

Cant wait for this one. Im not sure if Im not as much as a graphics [email protected] as you guys lol but I thought the game looked really good. Anyway good gaming

Gamingisfornerds4488d ago

But there's just one thing that bothers me: The animations!
They are truly awfull and really kill the combat experience imo.

I know there's a strong emphasis on adventure/RPG elements, but the combat seems to be the main focus of this game and it's strange to see that that aspect is the biggest issue this game has (imo).

But this game is looking EPIC and it's almost certainly a must-buy for me. Just wish they'd fix those bleeding animations!

TheXgamerLive4488d ago

BUT, I'm loving this game, it's going to encompass a lot of different types of game play as you can see from this and other vids.

A very interesting concept that looks great and will look and play better soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.