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There’s a problem with Red Faction: Armageddon, but it’s hard to pin-point exactly what it is. Armageddon is a game that feels carefully thought-out and, as far as experiences go, it’s tightly crafted, with a strong core mechanic, and a well-designed structure.

If you think that description sounds unenthusiastic, then you’re probably right. Despite all its obvious good qualities — the immensely satisfying ‘Destruct-the-environment’ mechanic springs to mind — it’s a game that is hard to get excited about, purely because it seems to have an identity problem.

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antz11042768d ago

I was hoping for a preview of the multiplayer. Oh well.

Kingdom Come2768d ago

I hope it's maintained its originality, but I hope they incorperate more tactical use of destruction, there seemed to be no use for it in Anarchy and Team Anarchy, I want to be able to kill people with the surroundings, theres more chance of this with the magnet gun. Should be fun...