Worst Video Game Company Mistakes of This Generation

The introduction of three new consoles in the past few years has brought about a lot of changes, and while many of them were handled fine there were also plenty of mistakes along the way. Some pretty bad decisions have been made by various companies, so here are four of the choices and mistakes that have had the biggest negative impacts in this generation of gaming:

-Microsoft's Xbox 360's many early & costly technical problems

-PlayStation 3's high price

-Sony's decision to include a Blu-ray drive in the PlayStation 3

-The Wii's low technical specs and lack of HD

Details and why those were bad decisions at the full story.

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Rattles4495d ago

people are saying larger discs wont be needed till nextgen if the PS3 didint have blu-ray we would be getting the same lame ass games that are on the 3discy (3discy 360 get it lol)i have no doubt games will get canned for 360 because of it hevenly sword??? no that just looks to good ok wardevil??? na thats just evrythig disc space system spec the lot" 2 rock star games??? no doubt its the disc space they want.

say helo to the only gta game to grace the 360 it may of cost them a
s!ht load but its gona sell its just a shame we get the same lame ass one thats on the 360 thanks microsuck u just ruined one of the most important games to start off nextgen.

AngryTypingGuy4494d ago

Yeah, ok. Forget the fact that the 360 has outperformed PS3 on almost every multiplatform game so far. Games like Oblivion, GOW, Halo 3, etc. are far from lame. In fact, if you go to almost any website that rates video games, and compare scores between the 360 and PS3, you'll see who has the superior lineup.

Now go play your mediocre games like Lair and Gundham like a good little boy.

Cryos4494d ago

The only one i disagree with is the "sony including blu-ray"
Blu-ray is the central part of the PS3. It's what makes it the system it is, both for movies, and for games. Sony wants it's console on the market for 10 years, and while space may not always be needed now, you can bet that in 3-5 years it will be.

The mistake I believe sony made was releasing a year to early, trying to play catchup with M$ rather than wait for the price of the blu-ray technology to come down, thus lowering the initial price of the PS3

dinkeldinkse4494d ago

Oblivion is on the ps3 and is as good if not better that the 360 one. And halo 3 sucks I have played it and it sucks, and at least the ps3 did't have so many bugs on it when it came out.

tomfoolery4494d ago

Look at the sales you dope.
Millions of people can't be wrong.

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Sayai jin4495d ago

This article is a not in a valid one. Becuase all of the mistakes that were made have been rectified by each company.

@Ratbait- You say GTA 4 is the only good game that will be on the 360? Well you see, thats speaks volumes about your credibility. Sad just sad. I tell you fanboys are ruining the generation of gaming. People just used to want to play good games, no one care d about what system it was on. No comments like Xboxts, or Sony fangirls. This is the best time to be a gamer. The reson why there is so much news, price drops, AAA titles is becuase tere re 3 companies competing with one another.

MK_Red4495d ago

First, Nintendo's mistake was not rectified and Wii games still look terrible. Second, Those mistakes were made, no matter when or how they were taken care of.

frizshizzle4495d ago

I'm quite sure Ratbait meant it'll be the first and last gta to be on the 360 platform.

Shankle4495d ago

"This article is a not in a valid one. Because all of the mistakes that were made have been rectified by each company."

What they hell?! No they haven't! Did you even read the article?! The only one that's been fixed is the ps3's price.

"@Ratbait- You say GTA 4 is the only good game that will be on the 360? "

No he didn't. For goodness sake do you skim read everything?! He clearly says "the only gta game". Now, while I felt that Ratbait's post was so appalling that i removed a bubble, I have to say you're not much better. Although you're writing in proper English (for the most part), you're still talking out of your arse.

Sayai jin4495d ago

@MK_RED-it's a matter of opinion. I for one think that Wii games do not have the greatest graphics, but look at the hardware, they will not improve that much. So they are about where they should be. The Wii-mote (I hate the name) never really had any issues to me. Articles like this only seem like the writer is searching for attention.

Shankle- "What they hell?! No they haven't! Did you even read the article?! The only one that's been fixed is the ps3's price."

Hmm. I think MS acknowledged the problem withthe 3 red rings and redesigned the system. There have not been very many problems with the new systems. All be it they have not been out that long, but then again it onlt took days for the red rings on the original console.

Yes I did read the article. I already identified that I misunderstood what he was trying to say about GTA. Saying I am talking out of my A#$, wow! No most of my comments are calculated and well thought through, most of the time. I am sick and tired of fanboys (or what I thought was a fanboy) making comments like the ones I mentioned below. My english should be proper, at least I know all of those years in college paid off.

@Frizshizzle- I think your right, I made a mistake and inteprupted wrong.

To those below, At least all of you all left the reason why you put a disagree.

b777conehead4494d ago

to me ms might be working to fix the rrod but to me it isn't fixed yet all they did was increase the warranty. and coming out with there new sku with the new chip and heat sink.even there there mixing them in with the old skus if Microsoft wanted to make it right. they after the new chip is out recall all the old 360s and replace them with the newer ones and pull the old ones off the shelf when they put the new skus out.

wageslave4494d ago

@shanckle @b777conehead

You guys are spreading inaccurate FUD. Your dogma is out of date. Your rhetoric is tired. Listen up. Read this very carefully:

Start here:
"Having identified a number of factors which can cause general hardware failures indicated by three red flashing lights on the console, Microsoft has made improvements to the console and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers."


Also, read this loud and clear; Microsoft said at the Tokyo Game Show:

"We have made all the improvements in our manufacturing process, All the consoles on the market have those improvements.

The Xbox 360 heat issues have already been fixed, and we already were told. And we've been seeing the improved hardware for months now.

Every Xbox 360 with a HDMI port (probably core, just without the header on the pins) has Motherboard Version 1.1. This Motherboard has fewer components, smaller components, new layout, and a new CPU/GPU mounting methodology.

Look at this: http://www.mainstageclothin...

Every Xbox 360 with a failure got a free fix. Every customer is being taken care of. I have personally bought 5 units (3 as gifts, 1 elite & 1 premium for myself) and every one has been great for over a year (save Elite).

Dont prattle on about die-core sizes and nonsense -- because you arent a goddamn electrical engineer and neither am I.

The fact is A) The problems are Fixed and B) Every customer has been taken care-of.

Now, regarding B), did you ever own a PS2? How many DVD drives did _SONY_ replace free of charge? they didnt send me the two that failed in my machines, they didnt replace my first bricked PS2 for free. I dont think they'll be fixing my second bricked PS2 either (that sits waiting for me to get it to be looked at by the local PS2 repair shop).

So, before you run off at the mouth about a console you dont even own, perhaps you should stop and think, "YES, I have been personally addressed, informed and corrected on this matter by Wageslave.

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Rattles4495d ago

i didint say it would be good im sure it will but i bet it would be even better if it was ps3 exclusive people say its game play over grafix well ps3 has proved the hard part that it can do great grafix it up to the devs wat they do with the game play somthing bungie was ment to of nailed in the first 2 games grafix not wat was hoped for and game play mostly the same wat was it they worked so much on??? i dont own a xbox (mate dose) never will great time psx ps2 and now ps3 no need to spend $700 no wait $650 (NZ) for another console that you keep sending back for repairs do you keep getting the same tv if it craps it self evry 1 or 2 years (less??) even if it gets fixed for free no you dont you tell them to keep ther crap and you go buy a new one.

you can call me a fanboy for likeing one console over the other wat do you call a ford fan that dont like general motors??? it the same thing is it not.

Sayai jin4495d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

RatBait misunderstood what you said about GTA. My bad, therefore I apoligize. No a person can choose one console over the other. What makes a fanboy to me is when an individual takes it to the next level(s). You can support a certain console, but what makes a fanboy is when they try to down the other ssytem with child like names or school yard insults. Like making comments that are obviously wrong, not like saying Sony rockks or MS is the best, it's when someone says all PS3 games suck blah blah. If you do not fall in this category then great. You have to admit there so many fanboys on this site and I still think they are ruining this gen of systems.

Rattles4495d ago

ill take that as a complament lol yea it was appalling i havint posted on here in ages i look at the news then leave but this has been building up and its was time to squeze it and it came out in a mess lol

Shankle4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

Are you typing with your elbows?

cheatmaster284495d ago

Thats crap that blu ray is bad on the ps3. That all they could think of? A better one would have been lack of a library (not now though) but they were too stupid to think that. blu ray is a revolution and they are too stupid to know that 9 gigs (360 is smaller then 50 gigs (ps3). People that cant do math shouldnt be blogging.