New Dynasty Warriors 7 Screens

Tecmo Koei has released a nice batch of shiny screenshots for Dynasty Warriors 7, and it’s looking pretty darn good!

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Emilio_Estevez2766d ago

Looks good, if your into that type of game.

killcycle2766d ago

i disagree, i don't like how it looks at all compared to the other games this gen.

Should be a fun game, but the graphics & animation don't impress me

Emilio_Estevez2766d ago

Yeah, their not very impressive, but some people don't care. There are fans of the series and I think they are the target audience. Not going to get too many casuals picking this one up.

BiggCMan2766d ago

Any fan of Dynasty Warriors knows that the series was never about its technical prowess. Its about pure fun, and chaos which is something hard to come by these days with everyone being so focused on graphics. DW7 is looking fantastic no doubt, definitely the best looking since its PS2 days.

FF7numbaone2766d ago

Dude how many other games do what Dynasty warriors does?

The amount of characters on the screen?

Andreas-Sword2766d ago

yeah.. Dynasty Warriors 7 will be the best Dynasty Warriors game ever!
Day 1 buy!

Memo-Xen x31002766d ago

I'm definitely picking this up but not at full price it needs to be at least half off or no sale and I want this game too. Just too many quality games coming out lately like DS2, KZ3, ME2, Crysis 2. For the first time in a long time it is actually hard to keep up with all these games. Who am I kidding, if I don't stay out of the mall I'll probably end up buying this too.

FF7numbaone2766d ago

Yea just got dynasty warriors G2 for $20, I felt like a stole it but DW7 the for $60 its debatable. 62 characters to choose from and co-op.

2766d ago