FTG at PAX East 2011: Orcs Must Die Hands On

"When I heard that a friend of the site, Justin Korthof, better known as SixOkay and the community manager for Robot Entertainment, was putting out a game, I was excited to get behind it. But when I saw the gameplay trailer for Orcs Must Die a few weeks ago, I was so disappointed. The game seemed like a very generic hack third person hack and slash with middling graphics…"- Shanghai Six

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maxcavsm2771d ago

This blew me away at PAX. I was so surprised to see how good this looks; very TF2 looking with some WoW mixed in.

AmigoSniped2771d ago

One of the few games I didn't play at pax.

eccothedolphin72771d ago

I approve any game that encourages genocide of an entire species.

ChaingunPope2771d ago

Looks interesting. Great work!

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