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GameShard writes: "Homefront isn't quite the harrowing, gritty shooter it wants to be. The short campaign has its moments, but the Call of Duty influence is too heavy to shake. Online, however, Homefront opens up completely, into a tense, sharp title with some intelligent ideas implemented well. With a better developed single player campaign to match, Homefront could have been something special. Instead its a solid, but sadly unremarkable military FPS in an increasingly crowded genre."

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bumnut2766d ago

This game needs some serious tweaking, the matches are too short making strategy impossible, too many snipers, not enough maps, stupid ranking system (I hit rank 16 in less than 4 hours), not enough game modes.

I heard there are 7 maps but I always seem to end up on the same 4 and am getting bored quickly.

Zikron2766d ago

I have played some short matches and some long matches, I think it really depends on how even the teams are as well as the game type.

I like it when there are lots of snipers makes it that much easier to go on a kill streak when you flank them all from behind. If one of them catches me, my drone makes short work of him.

I have no problem with the ranking system it is a hell of a lot better than Killzone 2 was. I am at level 21 or so now, still have more to unlock.

I would like to see more maps, hope the DLC is free on the PC a la Bad Company 2 but I'm not holding my breath.

Multiplayer is great, just need to get the hackers ban hammered.

caperjim2766d ago

This game wasnt about single player. Developers focused on multiplayer which they done well.

bumnut2766d ago

They did closer to 'ok' imo

Zikron2766d ago

I thought the first hour or two of single player was awesome. Very emotional, after the stadium level though it felt like that went away. They had an opportunity to build on it when you return back to the insurgent base, but that scene ended up being really lackluster.

bumnut2766d ago

I was referring to the multiplayer, I have only played about 15 mins of the single player so far.

I agree that this game is more about multiplayer