The Most Important Racing Games Ever

From Gran Turismo to Burnout to Carmageddon.

As Microsoft's smash Project Gotham series reaches its fourth installment, YVG look back over a quarter-century of best-selling car (and bike, and taxi, and hovercraft) racing games. Which games became milestones on the road from rudimentary arcade machines to ultra-realistic, modern masterpieces? How did one racing game cement the PlayStation as a hip pastime? And what's the deal with all those Ridge Racers? Read on for the answers.

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MK_Red4497d ago

While I complain and believe they should have included original NFS, I actually really love this list because aside from nostalogic factor, it has my top 2 all time favorite racing games: Burnout and Carmageddon.

popup4497d ago

Carmageddon and better still, Carmageddon 2 still stand as my all time favorites. So much humor and an infinite amount of things to do and try besides just racing. Even if they just updated things and added maps and cars from the old game and released again, I would buy.

Why Pinball Mode has remained dead in games for so long is a mystery to me :)

InMyOpinion4497d ago

Test Drive (the first one) should be in the list as well.

EZCheez4497d ago

I sure did love driving through that football field.

MK_Red4497d ago

Pinball Mode, definitly awesome. Also, I agree with the football field. So much fun.

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AnalFace4497d ago

Yer... Lets just say when it comes to physics there is no challenge, And Gran Turismo has the same problem, the physics just suck. I usually go for the sim racer and that has to be Live For Speed... BUT WAIT... Test drive unlimited also had a mode (Hardcore) which would give the game a more realistic feel than any other game.. But wait, what was the question again?

Arcade - Burnout
Sim - Live For Speed
Semi - Forza 2.

popup4497d ago

This is by no means an accusation,

When you say "the physics just suck" in relation to GT, what data is your summarization based on?

Have you driven the real cars on the real tracks to compare and come to this conclusion or is it based on your 'perceived characteristics' on how they should handle and feel?

Baring in mind that in real life, fear is the biggest factor to hamper laptime comparisons with game lap times. The fact that many professional drivers and car enthusiast sites have actually complemented GT or even actually entertained real life comparisons to this game is surely testament to GT being more than just a 'sucky' physics model?

level 3604497d ago

> Colin McRae Rallye


> Project Gotham Racing



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The story is too old to be commented.