Resistance 3 Won’t Disappoint Fans of Co-Operative Play

The Resistance series has been a major proponent for enjoyable co-operative experiences since the vintage Resistance released back in 2006. Resistance: Fall of Man had some exhilarating campaign split-screen, while Resistance 2 allowed groups of friends to battle hordes of enemies utilizing classes, each with group-centric abilities. Insomniac Games wouldn’t let that success falter in its latest game, and has already promised some co-op implementations.

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Troll_Police2795d ago

Of course it won't, it's Resistance!

sinncross2795d ago

Campaign co-op is always fun, and if there is split-screen online like Resistance 2 then that would be awesome.
Split-screen online is like the best combo of off and online MP.

I just hope the game also includes some extra survival mode where you can play with a few other people (like 4 altogether at least), and 4 player split-screen offline MP.

sikbeta2795d ago

I was playing R2 the other day and I was asking myself why the reaction of everyone was so bad, the game is pretty solid, it misses some of stuff from the first one, but R2 is Great, hope R3 satisfy all players :)

ps3bestever2795d ago

one of the best FPS games of the year

Ninver2795d ago

A dev we can actually trust. Very rare these days.

Kingdom Come2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Epic Games, Valve, Bungie and a few others come to mind as those that can be trusted and those that can't, Lionhead (at least not recently).

Biggest2795d ago

That depends on your perspective. Lots of Valve fans were recently pissed about the Left 4 Dead support. Epic games dropped the ball with the online play for Gears of War 2. Bungie is more than trustworthy, and more importantly, modest.

Kingdom Come2795d ago

Epic never claimed the multiplayer would be lag free, they only promised to fix it, which they did. As you say, it depends on your perspective and as a Gears of War Obsessive of course I'll defend Epic to the end, but as long as you have skill the lag causes no issues anyway. Also, Epic have spent lots of time adding the improvements both themselves and fans wanted in Gears of War 3.

And on the subject of those that can't deliver, (Recently) Treyarch & Infinity Ward.

Rage_S902795d ago

agree with valve and bungie but not epic

OneSneakyMofo2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

"Devs we can trust"

Epic Games - jumped off the PC ship to the Xbox to release gears.
Valve - "We'll support L4D forever!" *Release L4D2 three months later*
Bungie - "Now presentin Halo on the Mac!" *relesae Halo on Xbox*
- "We're going to Activision*
Insomniac Games - "We love the Playstation" *abandons Sony fans*

On topic: I started t play Resistance 2 for the platinum. I forgot how much I loved the co-op so I'm glad they are supporting it.

MysticStrummer2793d ago

"as long as you have skill the lag causes no issues anyway." LOL

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tigertron2795d ago

Aslong as we have online and split screen campaign co-op then I'll be pleased. I hope they keep R2's mission based co-op games because they were good too.

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