Call Of Duty Gets New Community Manager

NowGamer: Call of Duty community managers FourZeroTwo and JD2020, have a new colleague to help keep CoD gamers sweet...

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theonlylolking2766d ago

Lets hope he is better than Josh Olin aka JD_2020

Blacktric2766d ago

Cause he's a lying two faced prick who never listens to community at all?

Paladz2766d ago

Because he isn't listening to the community and even if he does he cannot put anything through.

David V did much more community work than JD_2020 ever did and ever will do.

JD_2020 & Robert Bowling are faggots though, only tweeting of Xbox shit and ignoring the forums completely.

David V could do all these three guys job and still be the lead developer on Call of Duty: Black Ops.

caseh2766d ago

He won't be smiling after a week of catching the flaming hot shit of disgruntled COD players. :D

BaSeBaLlKiD7212766d ago

Nobody is better than Jeremy Dunham over at Zipper.

skyward2766d ago

Remember Guy - you can't please all of the people, all of the time... but at least try to please some of the people some of the time...

DFresh2766d ago

Just another puppet in Activison's scheme to destroy gaming.

Paladz2766d ago

Activision aren't destroying gaming. Developing computers games is a business, like every other business. They make money and Activision especially are damned good at this. Though I agree they do give developers very short leash, which makes their games worse, but developers surely can tell Activision how much time they need _and they will get this time_.

Gamer_Z2766d ago

"but developers surely can tell Activision how much time they need _and they will get this time"


Raendom2766d ago

Activision > Apple.

Thanks apple, for making all developers think they can get rich of $0.99 games.

Lilbambit2766d ago

To anybody who isn't aware, Guy Beahm is the real identity of Dr Disrespect, one of Machinima Respawm's premiere directors. This fact alone makes me optimistic as being a long time subscriber to his videos on YT, its clear he has a passion for gaming, CoD in particular. I'm sure he will do a good job.

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