Stacking Add-on Coming from THQ

THQ have announced today that the upcoming Add-on pack to extend the adventures of Charlie Blackmore continue in The Lost Hobo King. The pack will be released on Xbox 360 and the PSN.

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Nizzy792820d ago

good, fun game, but i won't be purchasing any add-on's for it

Yi-Long2820d ago

... plus I haven't picked up Stacking because it already got criticism for being to short and easy to warrant the 1200 MSP price-tag (just like Costume-Quest and Death Spank btw)

For 15 bucks (1200 points plus 240 points) I can buy much bigger and better games from the bargain-bin at a local retail-store or an e-tailer.... like Darksiders, or Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY, or whatever.

At 1200 points, an XBLA title goes beyond the 'impulse-purchase' moment, and has to be really REALLY good for me to consider buying it.

DLC-milking afterwards doesn't help much either. I was waiting for Stacked to be a 50% DOTW-deal before picking it up. Now with this DLC out, I'm not even sure I'll bother....

Dark_king2820d ago

Didn't cost me a thing.I enjoyed it quite alot I just might have to pick this up.

GodsHand2820d ago

I will be getting the DLC, for the simple fact PSN Plus users got the game free, so it can become a small investment.

But I do agree it is a good, and fun game, a bit short but still entertaining enough.

Lucreto2820d ago

I will be getting the dlc as well as the next 2 double fine games are 360 exclusive so it will be the last of my money they will see for a while.