50° Yakuza 4 Review

The fourth iteration of the famed Yakuza series hit shelves last week and we recently got our reps in during our spring break. This game may remind you of one where sailors are abound but fear not gamers, this is not some redheaded step child of Shenmue. This is Yakuza 4 and I must say, it's rare to see a game structured like this. Keep reading after the jump to see if that's a good thing.

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insomnium22795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

This guy must've played for about 15 minutes it seems. One of the main things in Yakuza is the fighting. In Yakuza you get new tecniques and weapons along the story and you learn new supermoves. I find the way this guy handeled the fighting laughable at best.

"People are interested in action and martial arts and the like. There is fighting in Yakuza 4. It's decent. It feels like a kung fu movie where each guy is coming at you one at a time. This works ok I guess when the game is trying to emulate a movie, as this clearly is, but can get pretty boring when you're playing a game. "

I mean what the hell does that quote explain about the game itself? What a bonehead of a reviewer.

fredfenster2795d ago

He's just lying the bastard. First thing I noticed when I ran into some street punks was that whenever I was focussing on one enemy, the others would hit me on the back.

knifefight2795d ago

This site needs writers of higher than an 8th grade level. I mean such frequent use of short, choppy, crappy sentences are not becoming of a professional review. Ugh, it's ssadly just another case of some random gaming website popping up and filling up with writers that think they have skill just because they can use spellcheck. Thanks for keeping game journalism a joke, guys.

Kamikaze1352795d ago

Maybe it's time for a career change

JusenkyoGuide2795d ago

people who are too used to gta will compare it to this and not like it.

P_Bomb2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

This is clearly a napkin-blog written by a couple grade school kids.

If you can't tell by the horrible grammar and diction, maybe by the fact the "review" doesn't even talk about the substance in the gameworld, but rather wanders off to him and his brother's (aww how cute) misadventures in googling yakuza on wiki, his opinions on Digimon and ends with how American gangs > Japanese gangs. U-S-A! U-S-A! lol

Seriously N4G, there need to be some checks in place for not posting a kid's D+ "what I did last night" homework assignment as news.

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