War of the Burning Sky F2P MMORPG Announced

A new F2P MMORPG using the OGL 3.5 System Compatible rule set is announced.

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zeal0us2795d ago

Hopefully it won't be like some of the f2p mmorpgs and try to lure us pics of cleavage,boobs and etc. Hopefully it will lure with actual pics of gameplay/videos.

Sadly from the stuff on the page it just seem like any other F2p mmorpgs

"Everything you do makes an impact on the world. Powers can shift, political systems can collapse, economic climates can reverse—all triggered by your actions and decisions.

Time is alive. The struggle within the world's council of power, sinister plots and large-scale attacks on some cities are ongoing in the vast world even as you play, like an interactive soap opera. This is a dynamic, breathing world, and it's all yours."

hopefully this part isn't exaggerated, the general sounds kool but hopefully the gameplay turn out good, don't need another mindjack, ok game, great idea but when put to work the idea kinda fail