CVG: Will Fable 3 PC features come to 360? 'Anything's possible'

CVG: Lionhead's discussed the possibility of Fable III PC's exclusive features making their way to Xbox 360, telling CVG "anything's possible".

The PC version of the RPG's set to feature a completely reworked control scheme - including first-person mode - plus a brand new difficulty system, which is a first for the series.

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imvix2795d ago

Good luck getting much sales out of this, No Steam version, launch delay and releasing on the same day as Witcher 2. Looks like they have done everything in their power to ensure the game wont sell. So they can come back later saying the PC version didnt sell.

MysticStrummer2795d ago

Sure, anything is possible with Lionhead, including the possibility that some highly touted features won't make it to any platform. I'm not sure why anyone would listen to them at this point, unless Peter Molyneaux left the company...? The guy said in an interview less than a week ago that he has at times made up features on the spot just to keep journalists interested in what he was saying. Maybe he was joking, but his track record says otherwise. Very talented guy, but also king of the over promise.

hay2795d ago

Is it me or is it first Lionhead's non-Molyneux person talking about Fable? Peter went into hiding?

CherryLu-Chan2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Molyneaux went on to add ...
"A free kitten in every box - and special unlockable in-game treasures if you're wearing a jumpsuit!" .. before running off to play with the curtains and talking to his keys.