Dance Central, Louie Spence crowns dance-off champion at Covent Garden

Today, Dance star Louie Spence crowned Got To Dance’s Happiness/Britain’s Got Talent’s Kevin Cruise as the champion of the Dance Central Spring Dance-off, which pitted television phenomenons, Happiness and Kevin Cruise, against one another in the ultimate dance-off on Kinect for Xbox 360.

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citan2767d ago

If this is gaming of the future, I hope 2012 is not exaggerated.

LightofDarkness2767d ago

I imagine Louie Spence is the manifestation of Elton John's nightmares.

GamerEuphoria2767d ago

Louise Spence will be DLC for Dance Centeral ;)

GamerEuphoria2767d ago

I just clocked on both them people are talent show rejects, guess that could be Kinects new target audience

B1663r2767d ago

What... people who could use a little bit of exercise and like to listen to pop music??? You don't say.

I for one welcome are more fit and trim formerly fat gay men and fat women overlords.

GamerEuphoria2767d ago

You could just buy a mp3 player and run for half the price, im not sure what your comment is aimed at as i didnt say anything about fitness lol, but if you wish to throw random points of view around then fair play

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