MotorStorm: Apocalypse Review (Strategy Informer) "MotorStorm probably has the most peaks and troughs of any game series I’ve come into contact with. The original was championed by Sony as the first killer app of the PlayStation 3 but was crippled by the lack of modes and basic options. The follow-up named MotorStorm: Pacific Rift was essentially what the first game should have been, adding in all the content you’d expect from a modern racer and generally tightening up the whole experience. "

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KrystofKage12770d ago

Too bad, Motorstorm was cutting edge when it was first released. I still remember the commercials that made me want to buy a PS3 just for that game.

waltyftm2770d ago

Great trilogy of games, Always get a rush fom playing them, I wonder whats next from evolution.

xtremegamerage2770d ago

I haven't got it yet, but i thought the RIFT was better then the first game, although great as well. Varied and nicely designed tracks.

Not sure about the sales department.

dead_eye2770d ago

"While the crumbling structures and environments look great in motion (as does the tornado you can get up close and personal with) other graphical elements look about the same as they did in Pacific Rift."

Well at least it's a racer and not a car parking game. I'm guessing the environments are always in motion (don't hold me to that I could be wrong.

Not a bad score But I'm sure fans of the series will get more out of it and give it a higher score. I can't wait for it.