The Top 7 Soul Calibur Hotties

"With SoulCalibur Legends set to debut on the Wii soon, and SoulCalibur IV coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 next year, the soul still burns for Namco Bandai's long-running fighting series. It has quite a bit of beauty in its arsenal as well."

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MK_Red4033d ago

Taki and Tira. They are the best. Both in looks and gameplay. (Sorry Ivy)

DemiseofPandas4033d ago

Haha, I totally agree with you. I like Talim as well, always been a fan of tonfas. ;)

Drano4032d ago

Angrogynous people aren't in this category?

mighty_douche4032d ago

as graphics get better you guys seem to get wierder.

my advice, get a new shirt or something and get your a55 down the bar, the chicks there can even TOUCH you if your lucky!

Drano4032d ago

I kinda thought those two guys up here were kidding. I hope it's the case.

Ju4032d ago

What's up with the Japanese. The tits are getting bigger and bigger...(is that good or bad ? But these are tooo unreal, IMO, too baloney ).

sumfood4u4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Conparing top Girls off of looks is sorta sad!
If you dissagree with me i'm sorry for hurting your emotional feelings!

Tyrael4032d ago

In the hands of an experienced gamer, Ivy is practically unstoppable.

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