Xbox Live can't satisfy FarmVille user appetite, low "social capital"

The reason for no FarmVille on Xbox 360 is because frankly not enough of everyone's friends own one compared to smartphones and laptops/PC.

It's "too small a demographic" on Xbox Live says Zynga's Brian Reynolds. It lacks the "core magic of social" as most friends won't be there, unlike Facebook.

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plb2821d ago

How many times will this be posted? BTW, who cares? It's not like it can't run on anyones computer already. Just a flash game.

no_more_trolling2821d ago

piece of crap game for people with no frikkin life

a_bro2821d ago

who gives two sh*ts anyway? fkin casuals are the cancer of gaming...

JsonHenry2821d ago

Well, this certainly doesn't bother me any. Can't speak for others but if I had to guess I would say MOST console gamers would not play it period.

zeal0us2821d ago

Xbl'er could care-less about the game 75% of its audience is hardcore players while 25% is family/etc players. Most of the family players are busy playing games with Actual Graphics lol

Zynga trying to become like rovio console-wise...Zynga would be better putting it on the wii or just leaving it on facebook. Angry Birds(coming) on facebook oh boy I smell $$$ loss on Zynga. Zynga said goodbye to 20%-30%+ of your players

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