Bring Back Rain, Bring Him Back Like This

GT: A few weeks ago we ran a post revealing the Mortal Kombat reboot’s full roster, but looking at it closer, we realized that popular MK character Rain was nowhere to be found.

Disappointed, some of the guys on the site, including me, began crying for his return, but later realized Netherrealms Studios, the developer behind the reboot, might make our dream a reality through DLC.

That’s no problem, but if they’re going to bring him back. Please, we beg you, bring him back looking like this:

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NeloAnjelo2769d ago

One of my favourites of the "Ninja" characters along with Ermac. Both not widely used, but had some incredible combos. Rain's round house kick was legendary.

I do hope they bring him back.

movements2769d ago

Rain was legend. So easy to use with awesome combos. We want him back!

moparful992768d ago

I really liked rain as well but my all time fav, hands down, has to be scorpion.. Since the first moment I laid eyes on the original mortal kombat way back when it was still just an arcade game I was enamored with scorpion... "Get over here!" Legendary!!!!!!