Nintendo Euro Downloads: Where's Wally?

A round up of titles heading to Nintendo Wii and DSi shops in Europe this Friday.

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LOLOLFFSA2768d ago

What happened to "Waldo"?. I remember searching this guy from one of the books but it was WALDO! Not Wally for christ sake..

Scott6672768d ago

The original book series was called "Where's Wally". It was localised for the USA (and a few other places) as Waldo.

In most of Europe (and Australia) we call it buy the original name.

HolyOrangeCows2767d ago

Don't know who disagreed with you. That IS the truth.

Why the thought us "yanks" needed his name changed to "Waldo" is beyond me. WalDO sounds kinda derpy. Imagine old Waldo; Find confused Waldo, bring him back to the home.