Project Origin Demo Video

See the first 17 minutes of the sequel to F.E.A.R.

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xaphanze6132d ago (Edited 6132d ago )

This game is amazing. My heart went like crazy by just watching this vid. Imagine playing it on a huge HD TV.

btw the sound,gameplay and graphix all look way better than the first.I hope they dont blow up the graphics in PS3 version like they did with FEAR coz im getting it for ps3.

Douche6132d ago

That stuff was crazy! I had my hands covering my eyes the whole video. They definately know how to add to the already great gameplay. Somethin' about the AI seems to need some work on when it comes to all the new features like interacting with cover implimented but other than that, it was an improvement to the first in many ways. That little sh!t scared the crap out of me the entire video but I liked how it played out throughout the video. And I love how the AI will be drawn to more enemies than just you now. It'll be cool being in a firefight with like three or four different factions in one area. That'll be intense.

Btw, xaphanze, i don't think the PS3's version had a graphic's problem as much as it had a framerate problem. Actually, the graphics were great, it was the stuttering that took away from the experience. But it looks as if now that anything less than a simultaneous release won't happen to the PS3 again. It's about that time where the PS3 will shine brighter and be much more accessible due to the experience developing for it so far. The tides shall change soon enough.

xaphanze6132d ago (Edited 6131d ago )

I did notice that the AI looked and acted dumb.They just standed there in most cases, but for a game that is still TBA 2008 my bet is that its going to get way better.

ShiftyLookingCow6132d ago

I dont think Monolith had anything to do with that sloppy port. Fear PC was a graphical showcase, this time looks like they are concentrating on the scary story and gameplay.

MK_Red6131d ago

Good points DarthNihilus. I'm kinda sure that Monolith was NOT behind the terrible ports. This time the story and cinematic feel are top priority but the game looks really sexy. Nice small touches here and there.
Hope they work on all 3 versions (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360) this time and make all of them equally good.

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xhi46132d ago

word. This...will shake me to my core. OMG TRHILLVILLE HERE I COME CANT WAIT TILL THIS COMES OUT WOOOO......

MK_Red6131d ago

WOOOOOOOOW. Superb find. Amazing video, while graphics are not as stunning as original FEAR was for it's time, the cinematic and atmospheric feel have skyrocked. And we thought original FEAR was the masterpiece of atmosphere and scary moments.

With just a trailer and this gameplay vid, FEAR2 / Project Origin is amont my top 10 anticipated games. Still wish it was called Dead Echo though.

DJ6131d ago

That was intense! It was freaky just watching it...

gamesR4fun6131d ago

looks great if they do a decent job on the ps3 version its a sure buy.

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