Tiger Woods 12 Balance Board Swing Comparison

David Kenson writes "Tiger Woods 12 manages to squeeze out a few more improvements on Tiger Woods 11's already full rostrum of options. Like last year, MotionPlus allows the game to capture a one-to-one backwards and forwards stroke, but now it adds the Balance board into the swing equation for the first time."

He provides a comparison of the different version of Tiger on the Wii, which highlights the up-and-down nature of the EA franchise.

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holdmykidney3705d ago

That's a very thorough look at the last five titles in the series as compared to the latest. I have to say that I'm occasionally addicted to golf games, although I prefer them on the arcade-y side (I loved Sensi Golf on the Amiga!). If I take the plunge again this will be really helpful!

paulgovan3705d ago

There was a Seni-golf?!! Why did no one tell me about this!

holdmykidney3705d ago

Sensible Golf on the Amiga sold very badly and was considered a commercial failure, I believe; but, I thought it was an excellent title.

GaryMcC3705d ago

Not 100% sure about using the balance board. I suppose it isn't as vigorous as Raving Rabbids but the board isn't as stable as a golf course. Interesting use of the board though.

btk3704d ago

Noe this seems interesting...

DoFuss3702d ago

Good grief... well I guess if I played golf this could be an amazing teaching tool. As I don't Ill have to play it with features all turned off if I want any hope of success. Still good for EA to at least be trying to make use of the Wii peripherals and iterating on a franchise on a console where most developers just pump out lazy ports.