CVG: Another Crysis 2 review sneaks out

The first dedicated Crysis 2 PC review has arrived, courtesy of leading German mag PC Action.

The title awards the game 9/10, commending the FPS on its "great graphics" as well as its "intelligent enemies" and "motivating multiplayer".

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Andreas-Sword2771d ago

not old!
the Review is new!
I am from Germany!

ps3bestever2771d ago

The score was published long time ago

Vega752771d ago

Picking up the pc version when it releases. Can't decide if I should get it from steam or buy the hard copy

jozzah2771d ago

Steam is usually cheaper I find, but I still love buying games physically from a store.

bumnut2771d ago

wait 2 weeks and pick it up in the bargain bin.

jozzah2770d ago

Have fun with that actually not happening.

bumnut2770d ago

I think it will happen, I don't know anyone with a PC that is excited about this game after playing the demo.

byeGollum2770d ago

Hard Copy
but it might be slightly costly