Bungie Talks Life After Microsoft

Brian Jarrard, Bungie's community and franchise director, spoke with about his company's divestment from Microsoft. The full interview with Brian Jarrard will be published next week, but follow the link for some excerpts.

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Adamalicious4083d ago

I think the inevitable conclusion is that we'll see other developers making Halo games with greater frequency. Microsoft is addicted to the Halo franchise, to the revenue that it generates, and they are going to want more of it. Now that Bungie won't be a part of Microsoft there's less motivation for Microsoft to let Bungie control the fate of the franchise. Obviously serious Halo fans won't like this, but the fact is that the Halo brand sells - like crazy - and Microsoft would probably prefer a new Halo every 12 months to one every 36 months.

It will be interesting to see if being independent will allow Bungie for flourish or if they'll struggle to move past Halo. Will Halo fans go for whatever they do next, or will they ask "why didn't you make another Halo"?

Bolts4083d ago

Bungie isn't a world beater developer, they are no where near to being the Blizzard, Epic, Id and Vavle of the gaming industry. Without MS to hype up their games they will fail and will be on their knees begging Bill to take them back. There are many developers who are drooling to get their hands on the Halo franchise, but my choice would be Id for their awesome tech or Vavle because they're always dead on with both tech and gameplay. You can't go wrong with the top two FPS developers in the industry.

Elginer4083d ago

No one really gave a [email protected] about Bungie before Halo, and no Mac fan freaks don't count. They are not a super developer, they are a good one but very overrated. Oni was a complete piece of crap and Myth was a "decent" RTS but nothing earth shattering. Now will come the time when they make a new IP and people Bungie are very much victims of the George Lucas syndrome. Striking gold by chance and then milking the crap out of it. I saw give another developer to make a Halo game, who knows it might actually push the series forward. Heaven knows Bungie sure as hell isn't doing it.

Cat4083d ago

yeah, while being under the MS umbrella may have had its tribulations, getting to develop for one platform -- and being their star child -- is priceless. #5 asks below whether Bungie will go multiplatform now, and my guess is no. Everyone keeps talking about things being mutually beneficial, and I don't think there's anything mututally beneficial about them going multiplatform -- in that Bungie wouldn't want to, and MS wouldn't want them to. and you're right, Bungie isn't the greatest dev, and who knows what more talented people could do with the Halo franchise.

unlimited4083d ago

damn stop talkin about halo and make new games..

gogators4083d ago

be any multiple maps added to halo 3 and how much of a delay there will be now that this split has occurred. Here's hoping Halo Wars from Ensemble gets out the door this coming year.

Karebear4083d ago

I for one look forward to the new gaming series "Circlet" staring "Expert Commander"! :D

Cat4083d ago

yeah! then we can "See the Battle to its Natural Conclusion"!! ;)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4083d ago

All I want to know is if Bungie is making games exclusively for Xbox360 or if they are gonna make some multi-plat games.

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