Warhawk's In-Flight Audio

"Music, when used correctly, can be one of the most powerful ways of immersing players in a game experience. Hear the heroic swell of brass as you dispatch onscreen foes or a disquieting string passage as you walk down a darkened hallway, and suddenly you're there. Consequently, it's hard to understand why, when it comes to multiplayer, many games either give extremely minimal attention to music or leave it out entirely."

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doomsonyman4031d ago

warhawk is an amazing game and i really believe that it deserves to sell well and get all this positive press it can

Lord Anubis4031d ago

I love the intro/theme song.

UnblessedSoul4031d ago

Yeah I love Warhawks music as well

vaan4031d ago

Aside from the incredibly 'meaty' uncompressed sound effects in this game, the music is really great. I like the way in the heat of a crazy battle the music kicks up a notch. Or if you pull off some insane move and kill a bunch of people with an air strike or a TOW, the music kicks in all heroic style! This game is great, I play every night.
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Maddens Raiders4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

and post. Christopher Lennertz has done a masterful job with the score for this game. Just listening to the opening song on the jump made me want to get up and go turn the game on.

Again, this is a great post and Lennertz deserves a lot of credit for the score, especially the opening -- I find that it sticks in my head and I can hum it all day. Thanks!

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