Lite-On receives additional orders following Halo 3's success

According to Digitimes, Lite-On IT has received larger than normal orders from Microsoft for its internal DVD ROM drives which are Xbox 360 bound. With the strong performance of Halo 3 and the expected insanely busy Christmas period, the timing for larger orders couldn't be better on Microsoft's behalf.

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Eclipticus4488d ago

how is this news, This would follow under common sense yeah? Busy Holiday season, Systems selling, Naturally they will need a bigger order of a component of said system. Not news, just common sense.
now if the HD-DVD drives were ordered in bulk, like say at the dvd drive order level, and the Dvd drive was cut in half or 75%, to imply a change. that might be news. this, this is just common sense.

fjtorres4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Well, consider that MS *knows* for sure how the 360 is selling.
They don't have to estimate or extrapolate like NPD or VGChartz or the various pundit/analysts out there. They *know*.
So when MS has to scramble to increase their component orders, that means sales are *exceeding* expectations.
Coming right after the HALO 3 launch it is evidence that Halo is, in fact, selling 360 consoles.
Not rumor, speculation, or anectodal observation.
That would be hard news, no?

Also significant is the number of units being purchased; over a million per month. That is *higher* than the production run for *last* Christmas. Which means MS expects to sell *more* 360s this year than last.
That isn't news?

Eclipticus4486d ago

you're right it is news. just not exciting or interesting news. Common Sense would dictate that Halo3 sells systems, MS is gearing for a huge holiday rush. They would increase their order for drives.
News yes, you are correct. Exciting, Revelatory of any shake up. no.

HBK4488d ago

Yes, first I thought it was HD DVD drive.

WilliamRLBaker4488d ago

liteon=one of the best drive makers around.

AwRy1084488d ago

...the increase in orders could be a result of more RRoD's from excessive Halo 3 playing.

Bolts4488d ago

Increased orders from the Xbox 360 DVD drive? Who the hell cares?? In other news there are increased orders from the Xbox 360 power brick...LOL!!

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The story is too old to be commented.