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Gamespot writes: "If you had proof that there was life after death, would you live differently than you do now? Would the world change--and not just for the better? These are questions the characters in Folklore wrestle with. It sounds like the setup for a deep role-playing game, but in actuality, this is an action/adventure game with rather few RPG elements that tells an intriguing, convoluted story set in two distinct worlds: modern-day Ireland and an afterlife based on Celtic traditions. Folklore is an inconsistent game with some minor gameplay and storytelling issues that keep it from reaching its full potential. Nevertheless, even with these flaws, it manages to be an enjoyable journey into the lands of the dead, where our memories take many different forms".

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Assassin4hire4664d ago

anyways Folklore looks to be a pretty good game that im gonna pick up for sure

nasim4664d ago

OFCOURSE it is much better than Blue Dragon/Eternal Sonata

ES score 83 at IGN

FOLKLORE got 9/10 at IGN

other notable FOLKLORE scores include

CVG -8/10
PLAY -9/10
IGN -9/10

It is a very good game. much better than any RPG on GBOX 360

Sayai jin4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

@Nasism- So you own the game? I have not played it yet, but I think the game is probaly a good game, Reviews are just that reviews, it's the reviewers personal preference. Some good games get great reviews and some good games get mixed reviews. Bttom line it;s up to te person that brought the gme to be the ultimate reviewer.

I do not understand why you can not make a simple comment without trying to bash another console. By the way I think tht Oblivion is the best next gen RPG and even though it is a multiplatform game it's on the 360. So your last comment does not hold much weight.

skynidas4664d ago

this game is getting a lot of mixed reviews

xhi44664d ago

they're comments are fair enough, I think this game deserves a 8.5 personally. I don't like the cut scenes how they are a bit lifeless, but you get used to it and doesn't become noticeable until you play final fantasy or kingdom hearts. But all together it's a fun game.

TheFatOne4664d ago

Wow I can't remeber a game getting mixed reviews like this. This is when I love the fact I have gamefly XD.

Azailex Sorrow4664d ago

I dont trust reviews like this anymore, im better off just waiting and playing the game for myself, before i buy this game, im going to rent it, i need more then a demo...

But if i were many people i would'nt trust what the reviews say, its what "you" think!

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The story is too old to be commented.