John Dvorak: Bungie's exodus reflects on Microsoft's culture

The Microsoft culture tends to squash true innovation, says's John Dvorak. That's the upshot for the enterprise about today's news that Halo developer Bungie, acquired by Microsoft in 2000, is splitting off to become an independent company again. The Web is ablaze with news reports on the split, but the most interesting piece of the Bungie/Microsoft story was Dvorak's analysis.

"Part of the reason the product is so good is that Bungie Software, acquired by Microsoft in 2000, pulled itself away from the corporate compound in Redmond, Wash., and moved into its own facilities. It even established its own key-card security system to keep other Microsoft folks from gaining entrance. I'm convinced that the way Microsoft is currently managed, this kind of isolationism is the only way a successful product can be developed at the company. This is largely due to a corporate culture based on micromanagement and meddling."

He says that product after report gets ruined by such micro-management (pun intended), and offers, as one example out of 100, the "checkered history" of FrontPage.

To be fair, Dvorak calls out the fact that this is hardly a "disease" specific to Microsoft. IBM nearly killed itself off in the 1980's from the illness. He predicts that Google is sadly also heading down this path.

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Arkham4034d ago

I approve this only because of Dvorak's old high opinion of the Amiga. It's been a bit of love'n'hate with him, for me, but at least he's coherent and literate. I do believe this is the first mention of Dvorak on this site. Like... Wow.

"Roofpig! Most unexpected."

sanderFVCKINcohen4034d ago

I think this is before the big divorce. if this was posted before all the other big announcement posts than this will be BIG NEWS, but other than that....meh.

ShiftyLookingCow4034d ago

Bungie did say they never meshed with MS work culture and stayed independent even when they were a first party dev. But other than that I disagree.

jaja14344034d ago

Well hes right about though, Corp.'s which include MS do tend to kill innovation. This is good and bad. Its bad because well thats obvious, but its good for share holders and people with any sort of investment in the company. Innovation cost money, and usually its leads to nothing.

But this allows smaller companies to rise and repeat the cycle. All empires fall sooner or later.

WilliamRLBaker4034d ago

I love john have followed him for a long time.

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