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Bitbag writes:"Well Sony of Europe finally announced the Econobox PS3. And it won't play your Playstation / Playstation 2 games (among other features removed to slash the price).

Problem is there's no word on backward compatibility with Playstation / Playstation 2 software, and no bone thrown to potential buyers to instill confidence that Sony is at least attempting to ensure you'll be able to play your existing Playstation family game library on the new Econobox PS3".

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gunnerforlife4031d ago

most people still have there ps2s so why should they need backward compatibility for, unless they decide to sell it which is kinda stupid really.

actionjackson4031d ago

True. And Sony has already announced that PSOne games are backwards compatible on the new system. Personally, I think Sony said no BC for PS2 on the 40Gb to sell off the 60Gb model in Europe and then they will add the feature with a firmware update next year. Everyone is arguing that the GS is missing, but I think Sony can overcome this and emulate the games, via software. Frankly, I don't think it's a big deal.

Close_Second4031d ago

...why then did all the Sony fans jump all over MS for their backward compatibility issues on the 360????

I for one have never given a sh%t about backward compatibility on any of the systems (except on PCs). However, Sony can;t one week sing from the rooftops about its backward compatibility pissing all over MS and then end up doing the extact same thing.

Rooftrellen4031d ago

The PS2 wasn't exactly known for its reliability. It's no 360 by any means, but I have a strange feeling it may have been a little above the industry standard.

It would be nice to have a PS3 be able to play all your old games, in case it does go out. I doubt most people would want to play PS/PS2 games on their PS3, anyway, with a PS2 laying around, but I doubt anyone would want to go out and buy another PS2 if their's decides it's had enough.

EZCheez4031d ago

Seriously, if you want BC, BUY THE 60Gb and SHUT UP.

It's called options people. Sony did EXACTLY what everyone wanted and they lowered the price of the console. Still people moan and groan.

Let's not forget this is only in Europe so far. They also lowered the bundle (still with BC) by 75.

And Econobox PS3? It's still the cheapest Hi-Def Blu-ray player out so econo it is NOT.

There just HAS to be a reason to hate the PS3. If they ever find a way to implement BC into the 40Gb, what will it be then? It's not shiny enough?

Darkiewonder4031d ago

Everything the launch 60gb model has for a lower price.

PimpHandHappy4031d ago

then what is the 360?

both dont have BC

atleast it wont have a fail rate of 33% and it will play games at above 640p unlike the already aged 360!

This is typical of 360ppl.

kevoncox4031d ago

Xbox's BC is well about 50% at this point.

Also te xbox's BC works @ 100% wi no glitches.
The ps3's softwarebc list includes all games that even remotly work.
Most of them have severe problems but Sony sill includes them. Stop hating the 360 when what your praising has serious flaws.

Irving4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

It can play Playstation titles. Just no support for PS2 games.

Gorgon4031d ago

The 40GB model plays PS1 games but not PS2. Whoever disagreed with The Rebel (post above) should learn to read.

PimpHandHappy4031d ago

my 60GB plays 120+ ps2 titles so dont tell me not to praise it. What xbox games does the 360xbox play? Give me the list dude because its very short if it has any at all.

I havnt played many PS2 games on my PS3 and i still use my PS2 for a few games. I have only used my PS3 for three PS2 games because im buying PS3 games only!

ironwolf4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

What, is the concept of Google unknown to you?

By my rough count thats about 385 titles.

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