Bungie Discusses Leaving Microsoft with 1UP

Microsoft and Bungie Studios ended the Internet rumor mongering and came clean about the change in their relationship. Bungie is no longer part of the internal workings at Microsoft Game Studios, and while the developer's future games will for now be published Microsoft and released exclusively on Xbox 360, they now have a creative independence that wasn't there before.

1UP shot over an e-mail Q&A with Bungie's Community Lead Brian Jarrard, who indulged us in talking a little more about the changes happening at the studio. Read on for more.

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sanderFVCKINcohen4497d ago

Does anyone know whether the next Halo game from Peter Jackson is going to be a FPS or Third-person shooter?

Eclipticus4497d ago

thought he was doing Halo Wars no? Hmm well i would think If its based on the movie, they would want a 3rd person view, so the player can connect with the lead in the movie. So maybe a Gears game for Jacksons HALO??

WilliamRLBaker4496d ago

its not supposed to be either fps or 3rdps

gogators4496d ago

but Halo Wars is really the only thing that I have heard of coming in the near future from the Halo realm.

Balance4496d ago

halo wars is being made by ensomble <sp> studios with bungie looking over their shoulder, it is an RTS set in the time when the humans first went to the war with the convenant. it is due out spring of 08

AngryTypingGuy4496d ago

Isn't Halo Wars a strategy game? I don't think it's going to be a 1st person shooter.