Wii 2 Exists: Nintendo Is Going Hardcore With New Technology And More HHGS (PAX EDITION)

1. Fight Night Champions DLC Stories?
2. Darkness 2 Interview - This Game Is Too Sick
3. Homefront Review - 8 out of 10
4. Lecrae New Song - Don't Waste Your Life

Special Appearances By Greg Miller (IGN) Torrence Davis (TheBitBag) SFX-360.com and more

God Bless Everyone and enjoy the HipHopGamerShow PAX Edition

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LOGICWINS4814d ago

Greg Miller AND Tor Davis...in ONE show. This is gunna be a good one :)

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Titanz4814d ago

But it's the developers choice to either make casual, or core experiences for the gamer.

ASTAROTH4814d ago

Its the developers choice... you are rigth but the truth is that hardcore games dont sell that well on the Wii. Apart fron Nintendo's bigs exclusives, the hardcore game audience is not the Wii one. BTW . . . my Wii is just collecting DUST!!!!!!!!!!. Why Nintendo doesnt implement a trophies/ achievements kind of reward. . . ohh and to finish... KIRBY'S EPIC YARN is just AMAZING!!!

Titanz4814d ago

Monster Hunter Tri, Sonic Colors, Epic Mickey, and Goldeneye aren't "core" titles?

Criminal4814d ago

You're right Astaroth, after Nintendo tasted success with the casual market, I don't see them going back completely to the hardcore.

RastaCC4814d ago

lol, how is sonic 'core?' The Wii is certanly in sad shape if that is 'core.' On Sega Genesis, sure, in this gen, definitely not.

ASTAROTH4814d ago

Titanz... yes they are core but the point here is. Have they sold as well as say... DKR or Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario Bros. These are core too but my point that only first party Ninty games sell well remains. Ohh and just as an example Sega has released some core games in House of the Dead and Madworld and they have sold poorly. So I really dont know Nintys strategy. Sell as many consoles as you can, RIP your consumers with bad games and an outdated hardware and gloat about how they won the casuals market. Good job!!!. . . I as a 34 year old gamer want my good old NINTENDO...

madpuppy4813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

"The Wii is also "hardcore" "

Yeah, and for most people it is a "hardcore paperweight" or "hardcore closet shelf item" and for the real fortunate it is a "Hardcore sold on ebay for most of what they paid for" thing.

ELite_Ghost4813d ago

Mad world and red steel 2 are amazing "hardcore" games. Okami too if u consider it hardcore

Kreyg4814d ago

I met HHG at PAX East. Got to hold the belt. Was awesome

ASSASSYN 36o4814d ago

Slurp slurp slurp. That is what I heard while reading your comment.

ChickeyCantor4813d ago

Than you sir, have a weird fetish.

NYC_Gamer4814d ago

i still have to buy a wii,for its strong first party line up.

GLoRyKnoT4814d ago

Sell u mine, I only used it once :)

mantisimo4813d ago

give you mine even the kids won't miss it.

thekiddfran4813d ago

Thats what i bought it for and you won't be dissappointed!!!some stellar games on it.

madpuppy4813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

Nintendo developer meeting: (Head of gaming development) Well everybody, what are we going to do this year? I'm thinking something totally different! (developer 2 speaks up) MARIO game! (everyone nods their collective heads like lemmings) That certainly is fresh, we haven't made a new Mario game in at least 3 months! (another dev speaks up) Zelda! (everyone looks at each other confused and raises a collective eyebrow) Head gaming dev go's through his notes and speaks up) Doesn't any body remember? we made a Zelda game way back...you know, six months ago? ( everybody at the table starts going through their 25 year old, dog ear'd and coffee stained list of "new games" authorized by Nintendo to only to be mentioned in developer meetings. there was a typo and at the bottom of the list below "some Kirby game", "smash Bros" and the unfamiliar word "samus" is "Xelda"

To think, after all theses years someone would have fixed that typo...but, company policy is to NEVER add or change ANYTHING in that list!! Only after a long review by the heads of Nintendo will the typo be discovered in the finished so called "Xelda" game and then the developers will have to go back and correct the name.

Hitman07694814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

This sounds awesome, I would love to see Nintendo return to their greatness!!!


I couldn't care less about their "market". Even when I myself was a little kid and played their systems I saw much better IPs being rolled out from Nintendo themselves and way better 3rd party titles.

Here's to hoping they can re-spark that flame.

@PlayerX yeah they did in my opinion. Sales don't entertain me, great games like Double Dragon and Ninja Gaiden do.

InLaLaLand4814d ago

It depends, they have found their market. But they will still deliver their first party titles.

PlayerX4814d ago

Nintendo has never lost it's greatness.

Muffins12234814d ago

it did when all the 5 year olds went crazy over it.Go ahead ask a 5 year old they will say " I have a wii"youll never see one say xbox/ps3 untill they get in highschool or middle school

NotSoSilentBob4814d ago

What do you call the N64 and Gamecube?

Capt-FuzzyPants4813d ago

@Not So Silent Bob

Did you really just say the N64 wasnt so great cause i think many would differ. Gamecube wasnt good but the 64 was a great system.