Crysis 2′s Final Build Proves Crytek Correct, PS3 Version is Solid

PSLifestyle writes: Crysis 2 has garnered massive attention in the recent week due to an erroneous PlayStation 3 demo which released to thousands of excited gamers.

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Warprincess1164330d ago

I already knew this. The PS3 is such a powerful console. I knew crytek wouldn't dissapoint.

MAJ0R4330d ago

well I thought they dun goofed but apparently not

Headquarters114330d ago

Too bad the game still blows though.

strawberry94330d ago

LOL, don't be a douche.... the ps3 version of most multi-platformers sucks

Bathyj4330d ago


The Ps3 versions of games are 90% identical. I havent played one yet where the differences stopped me enjoying the game. Most the time they dont even look worse, they just look different.

This whole debacle has been a perfect example of the media taking the tiniest difference and blowing it it all out of proportion and trying to crucify the PS version.

Xfanboy4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

umm it look similar to xbox sooo...

plus look @ the video discription..

"1152x720 while the PS3 ran lower at 1024x720"

tack1294330d ago

I completely agree with BathyJ.
I find it stupid arguing over which console is superior over which over the tiniest detail and treating it as if it's a game breaker. I don't get the logic over that. Besides aren't both versions inferior in comparison to the PC version?

Bigpappy4330d ago

The PS3 version is solid. Why is that not enough for some. Some ofyou have your expectations to high for the PS3 and that is Sony's fault. There are things that PS3 can do better graphically, and there 360 does better. Developers I think make the mistake of telling people that the games will look the same. They can both have great quality but still look different. Nothing round with that.

I hope crytec is working to have each perform to the strengths of each console, and not paying attention to this supid fanboy war.

DoomeDx4330d ago

Its the buttkisser again.

seriously your comment history makes me laugh

'' (From his comment history:)Im getting sick of this tsunami news. All the games are being delayed!!''

Who cares? People are dying, being homeless, and such. and you only care about the games? Piss off men

DatNJDom814330d ago

Crytek just owned the gaming media/haters.

ECM0NEY4329d ago


I loled. Your telling me the jaggies on the PS3 dont ruin games for you?
I am kicking myself for getting DCUO on PS3 and not on PC for this very reason. Although i hear the populations are much higher on PS3.

paintsville4329d ago

Lets's just wait for the head to head.

Marceles4329d ago

"I already knew this. The PS3 is such a powerful console. I knew crytek wouldn't dissapoint."

Lol you didn't know anything...

I never really understood why people didn't like the Crysis series. I don't know if it's because they never had a PC good enough to play it so they downplayed the videos of it, but the gameplay was always top-notch to me. People put way too much effort into trying to flop it. "Buwahahahah look at the physics! HHAHAHA does this map have 100 lights? It doesn't? KZ3 all the way!".

Crysis is fun as hell, Crytek should've worked on the Predator games because that's exactly what I feel like when I play it. Going stealth and then seeing the guy creep up close to you like they see something, unstealthing into a choke hold and throwing them across the screen and shooting them while they're in the air like Desperado. You just have to be creative...if you just play it like COD then of course you'll get bored.

TheLastGuardian4329d ago

Ok, so the graphics are good. So what? The gameplay is still boring and uninnovative so why would I want to buy it?

hay4329d ago

Shadow while cloaked is priceless.

Looks close to the PC screenies shown previously. Always looked like that...

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metsgaming4330d ago

so how the gameplay compared to other shooters?

theonlylolking4330d ago

The gameplay is very very good.

Pixelated_Army4330d ago

The Cry2 MP gameplay beats COD by a mile and for one simple reason hit detection. Even though Cry2 and BlOps both use P2P instead of dedicated servers, Cry2 feels a lot more consistent and reliable.

Gambit074329d ago

Gameplay? Blasphemy! Graphics is all that matters this gen!

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Darkfocus4330d ago

dude you say the exact same thing on every crysis 2 article stop spamming....

SoulMisaki4330d ago

I really, really love KZ3, but I think I might be adding Crysis 2 to my collection really soon, my reasons are simple actually:

1) Open-type/Choice gameplay: You choose which route you take in a mission, you could go over a hill and flank them, take the stealth route on the left, or go tank, and go straight up the middle. In Killzone 3 and 2, everything is scripted, everything.

2) Story: I have to openly admit that KZ3's story could have been much, much, MUCH more than it was, and it's a shame, because if you check here, there's alot of story they could have used. I am interested in Crysis' story as well.

3) Art style: I like the minimalistic techno look that Crysis has going for it, rather than the much more gritty look Killzone 3 has. I am not saying KZ3 is bad in anyway for it's art style, just saying that the two games differ dramatically, even though they're both the Near-future FPS games.

4) Not cluttered: No matter where I played in KZ, online of off, in the snow covered arctic or city, everything felt like there was TOO much going on, not bad, because it shows how technically impressive Killzone is, but it made me feel scrunched in, and didn't help the feeling of linearity at all.

All of these reasons give me a reason to own both, I am selling my bad company 2, and only keeping medal of honor for the BF3 beta, then I'll be playing portal 2 for a looooong while.

darkziosj4330d ago

man finally some clever comment on this site

hay4329d ago

Aren't you comparing it to the Killzone3 also?

avengers19784329d ago

Honestly at first I was totally going to pass on this game, but what I have seen lately makes me want to play it. My only problem was I could never get on to the demo, I really hope the multiplayer works well it looks awesome.

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MGRogue20174330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Crytek confirmed that the Singleplayer campaign & Multiplayer are being developed by two seperate studios..

So, The Multiplayer might not look as good as this footage of the SP campaign..

Shaman4330d ago

Not MIGHT,it looks NOWHERE near SP.In anything...AA,AF,post processing,fire effects,water...anything.Its like different game,I'm playing it now,5 hours in.

Pintheshadows4329d ago

I see you have completed it on another post. I only care about the campaign. How is it length wise?

@starcb Battlefront 3 got canned a while back. Sad faces all round.

NYC_Gamer4330d ago

the mp is being done by free radical.

tack1294330d ago

Now known as Crytek UK.

starcb264330d ago

Weren't they working on Battlefront III?

tack1294330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

If that's the case then it's a shame that Crytek UK didn't do as good of a job on multiplayer than with their previous titles (Timesplitters).

I however will wait for opinions AFTER the game is released. I'd rather trust those that have played after released than those that have played a demo based on an old build (which was very buggy btw) and those that "supposively" have the game earlier.

RBLAZE19884330d ago

Are you guys retarded. The mp is only designed by crytek UK (free radical) They didn't create a new engine. It'll still be the same engine as single player with toned down post processing. I swear they need to start giving IQ tests to people who buy computers and internet connection subscriptions. Like to everyone in the household besides toddlers. The internet would be a much better place. There are so many ignorant and uninformed people on this site it makes me dizzy. If you don't know the absolute truth about something don't post it...and the 360 and ps3 will be sub-native 720p with the ps3 a little lower in horizontal res than 360. Both version will be vertically 720 resolution.

starcb264330d ago

Blacks Ops is made with the same engine from MW2 but it still looks worse,

RBLAZE19884330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

it's not the same engine as mw2 first of's the same engine as World at War which is based off the 1st COD game that treyarch took an built up. Treyarch are just shitty devs. It is not the same as mw2. See this is what i am talkin about...thanks for proving my point

Darkfocus4330d ago

I can create games that look completely different in terms of graphical finesse on unreal engine...what's your point? look at mods for PC games, same engine, some look better, some look worse.

hellzsupernova4330d ago

they ar ethe guys that done haze and we all know how good that turned out

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Nes_Daze4330d ago

Glad to see everything settled.

citan4330d ago

I'm most interested in the resolution. Any word on that?

Active Reload4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

"Any word on that? "


Edit: You said "word"...that was the best and fastest word I could come up with.

citan4330d ago

Right, we don't need gaming portals or communities as you can google anything. I was asking if, maybe, they changed the res in the final build.