Halo 3 Campaign Review - 5.4

Ripten's Rob Way reviews Halo 3's campaign mode.

"Halo's storyline finally comes full circle, and not the good kind of circle I used to draw in math class with a compass - the bad kind of circle I used to draw on the asphalt when I was five!"

Please Note: This is just the Campaign mode review. There is also a Multiplayer mode review that scored 10.0 by a different writer.

It is also important to note that Ripten rated Halo 3 7.8 overall.


Manual Update: You know, I am really losing faith in this sites reader base. Denying a review because it is not following suit with others, i.e following the opinion of the masses is just wrong. Banning something because it is a duplicate news story or false is one thing, but "lame" reports are just that. Grow up.

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Jdash244120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

even if the campain is short and the ai is a little lacking (not enemy ai, your allies ai) this game is still absolutely amazing

@nostradavis, i know that......but this guy is making moutains out of molehills

Edit: 5 disagrees? for what.....for saying i know this game has a few problems, but its an amazing game, and that this guys review was too unfair

Nostradavis4120d ago

No one is saying it is a bad game overall.

TheSadTruth4120d ago

you may not find the halo 3 campaign great, or even good, but it's beyond mediocre and the fact he gives it a 5.4 is solely because he wants more traffic on his site

Jdash244120d ago

wtf are you talking about? i never said i didnt like the campain, i love it, its just a little short

masterg4120d ago

5.4 Isn't far off for me.

After playing a total of 1 hour of the campaign I thought to myself "This is not fun. It doesn't look good and the story doesn't hold me. Should I keep playing just because it's Halo 3... Hell No!"

After than I've been playing online. And now Gears of War is back in the box. I've gotten used to Next Gen graphics.. I can't go back.

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ShiftyLookingCow4120d ago

5.4 for campaign is plain rubbish.

BLUR1114120d ago

i thought it was awesome but well yall just stick to halo 2 campaign then

Lex Luthor4120d ago

Damn, talk about clutching at straws by sony fanboys. Why not post the whole review? Why do you only have to post the campaign score?

I give up.

Nostradavis4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

Not a Sony fan. I posted both reviews. The campaign and the multiplayer. The overall score was a 7.8. I agree that the guy who rated the single player was probably mad that it did not meet his expectations but that doesn't make him a Sony fan. If anything it makes him a diehard fan of a a franchise that he feels let him down.

Not everything is as black and white as you guys want to make it out to be sometimes. Come on, enough with the fanboy accusations. A review is nothing more then an individuals reaction to a game. The score means less than the actual review. Read it before you decide to disagree.

Arkham4120d ago

So, only reviews consisting of 9s and 10s are to be approved? is that the logic?

This guy actually has a point. Halo 3's perfection lies in its multiplayer gameplay, not it's single-player mode.

ReBurn4120d ago

I don't think that Halo 3's single player is all that great, either. Multiplayer is really good.

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The story is too old to be commented.