Halo 3 Sells More 360s? Xbox Live Traffic Seems To Say Otherwise

"Because the thing is, while Halo 3 has already sold several million copies, how many of those players are people who just bought the 360, to play the final installment of the series? Sandvine sampled the traffic of Xbox Live, and while that increased 100 percent to 200 percent after the game went on sale, "The number of hosts (gamers) remained unchanged from before Halo 3's release," the release read, "implying that existing Xbox Live gamers most likely accounted for the additional bandwidth consumption, as opposed to new gamers."

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power of Green 4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

"SALES"is what people are looking at.

The fall update *if the rumor is true* will allow people to play anybody and thats when you see the explosion of online traffic.

synce4032d ago

And thus we see Microsoft's problem. With the Xbox 360 they've released what is essentially the Halo Box Mk.II, revered by hardcore gamers and shooter enthusiasts, where games like Viva Pinata and Eternal Sonata get ignored. This console will not succeed. I am telling you this not because I don't own it -- I do (just for the Team Ninja games, anyway) -- but because I love the way it feels when I'm right and you're wrong at the end of it all.

Cartesian3D4032d ago

I said few month ago that "HALO 3 wont sell 360 systems more than Gears of war ,and most HALO fans will have 360 before HALO3 release.. "

many of u said NO,u r an idiot.. but its a Fact.. u wont see a HUGE pick like Gears of war.. anyway HALO 3 did a really good job and Gaming industry needs these HYPED and GOOD games..

hope to see more games like this with enough advertising to attract more people to this world :)

( I became a Hardcore gamer cuz of Metal gear solid and Warcraft and starcraft games.. )

jcgamer4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I'll be here...first of all, Gears of War was November and Christmas season...this is about September...second, I haven't even been online with Halo 3, so this LIVE traffic and how it reveals ANYTHING about 360 sales is dumb to begin with...nothing personal bro, just saying NPD will clear up the skeptics...some analysts are even saying 360 sales will be over - well, no need to speculate....just, watch this space bro, watch this space...and Mass Effect is November bro, new IP, and in the same timeframe as Gears last year, so compare Gears to that...Halo 3 is another, well, different kind of, this is gonna get good alot sooner than later...

Gina-get-u4032d ago

I'm late, but let me join those calling you an idiot. I'll take it back if the NPD figures say otherwise.

BIadestarX4032d ago

ok... let me see if I can keep a straight face when I say it... sorry gamers.. I have to try to make Sony fanboys happy at least once in a while...

Halo 3 sold 0 xbox 360... every single person purchase halo already had an xbox 360... and you see.. the millions of people playing Halo 3 those are fake!... NPD numbers will also be fake!... Halo 3 is also fake and was never released! the media is playing mind tricks on you!
the xbox 360 is also fake ... your mom... your job... and you body is fake.. and you live in the dream world... you are connected to the Matrix.... a simulated reality created by sentient machines in order to pacify and subdue the human population while their body heat is used as an energy source.... and you are now swiming in $h!t.. because you see that toilet you see? FAKE! and the food you are eating? that the $h!t you are swiming in... yeah... mixed with blue pills... so you never wake up....

xionpunk4032d ago

Oh, i see what you did there...

actionjackson4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I rarely agree with you, but I think we can agree on this. To say that Halo 3 didn't sell systems is ridiculous. It's moved units, or course. However, did it do what MS wanted it to do? That has yet to be seen. The problems with the analysis of Halo 3 vs. system sales is that most people that are devout Halo fans have already purchased an X360. Second, those who waited for Halo 3, likely recently purchased there system. That means that there are sales generated by Halo 3 (hence the spike in sales). However, is this game going to sell the units MS wanted it to sell (to the masses)? I think we'll have to wait and see after the holidays. I'll even give you the fact that it may have doubled sales for a few months, however, MS wants to sell millions of consoles with their flagship game. To draw a caparison, Sony, for instance, is expecting to sell millions of consoles when they release MGS, GT5, Final Fantasy, etc. Historically, these games have maintained a spike in the figures and often times carried the console. However, those numbers were also in hindsight. Therefore, in a few months, let's say until spring, if the console sales stay at this "doubled" figure, then Halo 3 did exactly what MS wanted. If after the holiday season, the consoles sales decline to below what they were a few months ago, then it didn't have the impact that MS wanted. Granted sales tend to decrease over time, but with a game this gigantic out in the industry, the numbers should be pretty high for at least a few months. Wouldn't you say? But I agree, to say that Halo 3 hasn't pushed console sales now is wrong.

AngryTypingGuy4032d ago

As usual Bladestar, you make perfect sense. I can't believe that people actually think that a game that made more money than Harry Potter and Spiderman 3 did on opening day didn't move consoles.

My friend who works at GameStop has noticed a definite increase in sales leading up to Halo 3.

WilliamRLBaker4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

who are they? Last I checked my company wasn't sandvine....
and infact last I checked the major service providers in america weren't sandvine....

Oh and halo 3 didn't sell systems? so the reports of sales nearly doubling because of halo 3's release we're lies right?
Oh and the fact that for about 30 minutes on halo 3 night insightbb my service provider didn't have problems right?

because of the sheer ammount of its users geting online all at once right?

jack who4032d ago

300$ 1st week am cry:((:(( treas of joy

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