Halo 3 Multiplayer Review - 10

Ripten's Andrew Podolsky reviews Halo 3's multiplayer experience.

"Halo 3's multiplayer mode, along with Microsoft's entire strategy for domination in the console wars, can be summed up in two beautiful words: Endless replayability."


Please Note: This is just the Multiplayer mode review. There is also a Campaign mode review that scored 5.4 by a different writer.

It is also important to note that Ripten rated Halo 3 7.8 overall.

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snoopgg4490d ago

Come on let the hype dye already. Played your Halo 3 and was not impressed at the least. This game was one of my biggest disappointments of the year. I hope they go back to the drawing board and come back with something worth $60 next year. If the 360 is capable of mind blowing graphics, next time I want to see them and put in a sprint button and don't make people have to unload their gun to simply kill a person. Hell, I might as well melee all the time, it takes less time to kill someone. Oh, ramp up the gamespeed, or at least include a sprint button. Make the game alittle longer. Those are just some of my gripes about the game. I know all of my gripes are not towards multiplayer, but if this game is going to be hyped so much and put upon the pedisitle of fps, then it shoud be better then it was.

Nostradavis4490d ago

Not sure if this is hype...the overall score for the game was 7.8.

Multiplayer got 10 and Single player got a 5.4! Ouch!

WafflesID4490d ago

single player SHOULD get a 5.4. It wasn't that good honestly.

FrostyMelon4490d ago

You play ranked, then it's the same maps and game play, over and over and over again...yawn.

Mikey_Gee4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

... then come back and comment.

Or better yet ... build your own maps. Then if you are still bored, it is due to lack of creativity I guess.