Guitar Hero 3 Preview: 360 is the flagship version

With the release of Neversoft's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock fast approaching, Shacknews went hands-on with the Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3 versions of the title at a recent Activision event to see how the final product turned out. While it's nice to see Guitar Hero III showing up on several platforms, Neversoft's Xbox 360 version is far and away the flagship version of the title and includes everything you'd want in the next Guitar Hero game. Purchasers of the PlayStation 3 version as well as the Wii version handled by Vicarious Visions will definitely be required to make some pretty serious concessions regarding the game's online functionality. If you're stuck deciding between one of these two versions, here's the breakdown of what you'll be getting.

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cooke154498d ago

I can almost guarantee it will sell the most on Ps2 then Wii then 360 then PS3

Kokoro4498d ago

has crossed the million mark in the U.S.A. If Microsoft does what it did with the marketing in Guitar Hero II, than it might sell more than PS2 version. But it seems that Microsoft will focus on both Assassin Creed and Rock band in marketing; instead

PimpHandHappy4498d ago

i wonder if the online component will be as shoody as this guy said. I wonder?

im keeping an eye out for that info when the game is released because this article sounds very fanboyish..

WilliamRLBaker4498d ago

you need to learn something, when its FACT its not fanboyism, And its a FACT sony's online is crap.

Ingame invite...ect functionality is pretty much nill, because sony doesn't have it standard across all games.

Ps3Fanboy7774498d ago

I have both and 360's online runs horrible pretty much through out all games.

Since when doesnt Sony have in game invites? Most every major game has plenty of in game invites, friends lists, and even clans..

Get your facts straight.

Atleast Ps3's online runs solid, 360 not so much...

Mikey_Gee4497d ago

Are you for real. XBL runs smooth as silk. A bit of lag only recently probably due to Hal03 if i had to guess.

Other than that, if your XBL is lagging or running poor, it's on your end my friend.

PS3s online is not bad, but they do have a good bit or room to improve. I hope with the next FW update they address some issues.

Ignorant Fanboy4497d ago

I have both too, I dont get lag on either of them, but I do have to wait alot longer to find matches on PSN.

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PimpHandHappy4498d ago

i look for PS3 reviews and i find 2

i look for 360 reviews and there is like 25!

what junk

just one more site to ignore i guess

Dannagar4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Meh... There's more games on the Xbox 360 to review. What do you want them to do? Re-Review all the Xbox 360 hand me downs that finally made it to the Playstation 3?

XxZxX4498d ago

of course it's flagship version, Microsoft pay for everything even this. You need money support, develope a game for PS3, hype it real big. You will receive a call from Bill Gates himself.

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The story is too old to be commented.